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Submitted by: Robert

I ordered was a length of doublewide stainless steel chain from Access Denied for use with a Paul C device. This device is a bit like a cock cuff although the size is not adjustable. But it also has a metal plate that covers the lower belly. What it needed was a locking waist chain. Now with the waist chain added, it is surprisingly secure and comfortable. Unfortunately, I was told it's a "one of a kind".


This is a "ball trapping" device with a penis tube. For added security, it has a metal shield that covers part of the lower belly making access for pulling out that much more difficult. The locks are standard hardware store "Whale" brand. The tube is open at both ends.

I think there are several good ideas here worth mentioning. The ball trapping feature means that no ass chains are needed to anchor the device between the legs. I find this method more comfortable than chains. I have not tried using a single strap, so I cannot compare with that method.

Also I find that chains around the waist are much more comfortable than a rigid circular belt. I am considering coating the chains with heat shrink tubing or a very thin layer of foam, but have not yet tried it. The purpose would be to prevent the pattern the chains create on the skin after several hours of wear.

The device looks and feels "hot" when worn.

I would rate the security to be higher than a CB-2000, Remy, or BirdCage and comparable to the Jones and AD belts. I would rate the comfort to be higher than all of them.


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