Birdcage design, Engineers Perspective

Submitted by: Mike H

After spending the better part of the last two weeks in my home made aluminum birdcage (the last 5 without removal), I can say that I believe this design to be the most practical design on the market for the male. I DO recommend buying it from the SCC, the only reason I went the home built route was that the timing was critical and I have the unusual need to tinker. Early next year I will get one ordered (now being very sure of measurements). Some things that I did discover in the making of the device(s) were:

    1. that you are always smaller than your measurements, and
    2. minor imperfections are particularly harsh on certain body parts.

I actually made 2 units and 3 rings. The first (design Red, covered with red tool dip) was made from actual measurements (length 3 3/4") and turned out far too long. On the second (design Blue), turned out to be 2 3/4" long was far more practical, although I could have taken another 1/4" to 1/2" off the total length. I suspect that most men measure large, particularly if a woman is holding the tape. The only modifications made to the actual design specifications were due to the materials being used. The ring at the penis base was 1 1/2" chrome/brass 1" wide. I went 1" wide to increase the surface area for the epoxy glue (JBWeld) that I was going to use. The aluminum strips were .032 at 1/2" width for the A ring and side strap. The top strap was .064 ant 5/8", both to increase the surface area and to provide a stiffer material to put the A ring tab through. (Welded SS would require none of these modifications.) The only disappointment in material was the use of spray on tool dip (Rubberize It). It does not cling well to the aluminum, although it had no problem at all with the chrome/brass (which remains well covered). My ability to polish the edges of .032 guage aluminum on the A ring could stand a bit of work. To compensate for the edge being a bit sharper and thinner than I would have liked (scraping being a small problem), I cut the top 1" off a sock and worked the fabric under the A ring to act as a bit of a pad. I removed the fabric pad prior to bathing and replaced it afterward.

The design goal was to have a secure device, sized to prevent erection or masterbation, comfortable enough to wear 24/7, acceptable to a woman who really doesn't want to mess with anything on a daily basis. I calculate that the epoxy would require about 1000 ftpd to break, not as good as welded stainless, but more than adiquit for any erection that I am likely to have. In all the design/manufacture goals were met.

My idea for an improved Birdcage would be .064 guage aluminum in the original SCC design, welded, plastisol coated. I hope that the gentleman (SCC) who owns this design considers this suggestion.

I'm still looking for a small quantity of plastisol. Spray tool dip was not a truly satisfactory material.

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