My Security Fix for the CB2000

Submitted by: Ham

As I have read on your website, it is possible to slip out of the CB-2000, but here is a solution that works for me. I found a sheet of stiff clear plastic (I think it had been made for secondary glazing), 0.65mm thick.I cut a rectangle 114 mm by 39 mm and then shaped that as shown

<-------------------------------------114 mm----------------------------------->

     /\6 /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\ 15
 _3_/6 \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \___
|                                                                              |
|10                                                                            |
|____       ________________________________________________________       ____|
  11 | 10  |                         72                             |     |
     |  O  |14                                                      |  O  |
     |_____|                                                        |_____|
       tab                                                            tab
(Note that this is not to scale and the vertical dimension is too short.) I then cut the rectangle out as shown. The teeth were 6mm apart and 15mm high.

Take the first 5mm off the teeth and round them off with a file (you can leave this step out if you really enjoy serious discomfort). The two Os are holes 5mm in diameter. Roll the result into a cylinder and bend the the teeth in at about 15 degrees and the tabs out at 90 degrees. Wrap this around the base of the penis after the A-ring is on but before you add the cage. Make sure the holes in the tabs line up with the holes in the A-ring. Put the spacers on the cage's posts and fit the cage. If everthing is rounded off neatly (I used a flat needle file) then there is no discomfort at all, unless you try to withdraw the penis.

The cage removes as normal if you use the spacers on the posts to hold this close to the A-ring. By the way, when completely flaccid, I have been able to push my (average when inflated, but minute when not) penis completely out of a KTB on a couple of occasions, but cannot do this with the CB-2000 when thus modified because there is no open end to push it back through. Pulling is not an option in either case, even for me.

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