Shari's Teeth Homemade Chastity Device

Submitted by: Robin

I am writing to tell you about (and show you with pictures) a homemade chastity belt inspired by Kali's Teeth by my mistress, Shari.


She started me out with a cock ring that had teeth in it. Ten teeth all about 1/4" long on a cock ring (see attachment.) She had me buy a second identical cock ring and then secured them around my completely flaccid penis. You can't get them on any other way.


here you can see how the cock ring with the 1/4" teeth are wrapped around my soft and flaccid penis. Now all around my cock are twenty teeth, a real incentive for not thinking impure thoughts. next, comes a black sheath with a shoe string like cord that goes through five eyelets on each side. At the base of this sheath is a place to insert another leather ring that goes around the base of the top of your penis and all the way around your balls.


With the black sheath cinched up tight, the back of the sheath prevent the now semi-swollen head of the penis from shrinking back in. The head of the penis is swollen slightly because of the tightness of the teeth rings around your penis. The sheath is palced over the penis and laced up like a shoe and the cord either tied around the waist or wrapped around the penis and cinched again for an even tighter fit. Then the eye lets at the very front or padlocked together so that the head of the penis cannot shrink back in (which is highly unlikely since it is swollen by the pressure of the teeth rings encircling the penis.


Any attempt at an erection is painfully punished. I have found that as long as I can keep from becoming erect, or trying to get erect I am semi-comfortable. Because the head of the penis is secured outside the sheath urinating is possible although slow and dribbly at the end. Here is a font end view of what Shari's Teeth looks like when on and padlocked into place. Note that the back two eyelets (by the base of the penis are also padlocked ensuring a good tight, snug fit of the sheath around the entire penis.


Finally here is a pic from the side view. The bulge in one's pants is not that noticeable if one wears dark pants and so this can be worn in public. the longest I have worn it is six hours. When I took it off, my penis looked like a waffle iron from all the indentations of the teeth. There is no bleeding of skin abrasions, just a biting sensation. The next day, however, when ordered to put it back on, it was a real struggle. My penis was very tender, like a your bottom after a good paddling. Very difficult to get back on and when you do put it on, you want to do it as quickly as you can, before you start to have any kind of erection. It is easiest and best to get this on right away as any erotic swelling will make it near impossible to get the teeth rings around your penis.

All together the device cost under $40 including padlocks.


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