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Submitted by: OKSub

I've been a reader for a little over a year now (my how the time flies!) and I've finally decided to contribute my wee bit of experimental knowledge to the collection. Perhaps by reviewing this some future home-builder will gain inspiration or save some time.

Before I discovered your site I searched high and low for any information available concerning enforced chastity and found it difficult if not impossible to find. I began to experiment with many different methods, attempting to push all approaches to their limits for security and comfort in order to develop a long-term wearable device. As time went on, my attempts (and my toolbox) grew to higher degrees of sophistication.

The Criteria

  1. The device must be invisible under normal (loose) clothes such as slacks
  2. The device must cost less than $30.00 in materials (not counting tools).
  3. The device must not be removable by the wearer short of destruction without the consent of the keyholder
  4. The device must be wearable for a period of a week without removal after bugs are worked out.

First Attempt

I first tried a panty-girdle containing a length of chain around the waist, locked above the hips to ensure the impossibility of removal without destruction. This worked fairly well, satisfying three of the criteria at one go. However the material was not rigid enough to prevent self-satisfaction. Also elimination was difficult to accomplish without soiling the fabric, rendering it completely unsuitable for play periods of over a few hours. Even if both of those problems had been addressed, the use of fabric so close to the skin would render long-term use impractical.

Second Attempt

I had discovered Altairboy's Chastity Belt Site by now, and discovered that I was not alone in this craziness. Spurred on by the feelings attained in the first attempt and a desire to safely and sanitarily prolong the experience, I began working on a version of the J-Tube device at not71102.htm. This involved a metal dog-chain from the local discount store, a J-tube, some keyrings, and a small brass lock. One keyring was mounted at either end of the J (on the outside of the curve, the side away from the body). I made a belt with the chain that went around my hips and fastened to the top keyring with the small padlock. The other pieces were soldered together to form ass-chains which were then affixed to the back of the "belt" in a similar manner.

This attempt succeeded in all major categories except comfort. I am a very skinny individual (well over six feet tall, 165 lbs), so I have very little in the hips department to begin with. The only way to ensure the belt would not slip off was to make it extremely tight. Also, it seemed that the chain either stretched a bit or my body learned to conform to it rather quickly. The longest I spent in this device at any one time was approximately 53 hours, after which I was able to escape simply by slipping the belt off my hips. (I was also able to get back into the device). Further attempts at tightening reduced my ability to endure the belt to a few hours of intense discomfort.

Another problem with using the chains as a waist (or in this case, below the waist) belt is that even the twisted-link dog collar chain indents the flesh, can cling to it, and cause bruising. Perhaps if I weren't so skinny I would not have had this problem; I have noticed several people using similar designs and they claim the ability to wear them for long periods without discomfort.

Third Attempt

Due to the security problems I wrestled with the solution. At one point I read about the fictional Viri-Guard device, which used a cup from an athletic supporter as the confining agent. Its potential impressed me, and I was eager to try to build a similar device. I built at least four different versions of this. Here are the items common to each design: Belt was made of aircraft control cable (braided steel wire encased in transparent plastic) joined by aluminum fasteners, the most comfortable and secure belt yet. Cup was sized to be just small enough to encase the target area to decrease visibility. Cup had a tube mounted in it, protruding slightly to allow room for testicles but encase the penis; to date I have not found a way to secure this region without some kind of a tube.

This attempt was marginally more successful than the previous one. Unfortunately, though comfort increased greatly due to the new belt, security was compromised due to the lack of easy tension adjustments (I could thread the lock through different holes in the chain previously to tighten or loosen it as required. Once the aircraft cable was adjusted, it was fixed in position and could not be sized).

Despite many, many attempts to secure this device to my skinny frame, it, too had to be abandoned as unsecure.

Fourth Attempt

As you may have guessed, my desire to possess such a device by now had begun to override my desire for innovation. Still, I found it more rewarding to build a device (or attempt to do so) than to actually buy one, although the time and effort I put into my own attempts were easily worth more cumulatively than the cost of a top-of-the-line Access Denied or Tollyboy belt. It was at this ebb that I found out about the CB-2000. After much consideration I decided that, since home-made belts were apparently not working for my body type, I would attempt to follow the approach used there.

I can't really say that I've finished with this device. I have built two prototypes, both of which have shown some promise, and am planning to make a more secure and durable version of metal as soon as I can find rings of the appropriate size. From what I have seen and experienced, the CB-2000 is well worth the money, my copy was every bit as good as the site proclaimed until the softer plastic I was using bent, causing problems.

Fifth Attempt

Having analyzed all my previous failings, I decided that my best solution was to produce a rigid belt in the TollyBoy or Access Denied tradition. At the local hardware store I acquired a flat plate of steel and an aluminum band. The steel plate, once cut correctly, was painted to avoid corrosion. The aluminum band was chosen for the belt because I wanted at least a small part of the belt to be shiny and obviously metal, and aluminum appears to be very resistant to corrosion in this type of application. Construction was surprisingly easy (note to home builders - WEAR GLOVES when working with metal: splinters are a major pain!) and I now have a belt which is very secure, though still uncomfortable (being new at such construction I have of course made some mistakes). I believe this is the type of belt that I will finish with, as it is most suited to my body type.

For all these projects I used the following tools

  1. A hot glue gun, which glues pieces together with melted plastic. Not very secure, but a quick and strong short-term bond, great for prototyping.
  2. A riveting tool, and quick-rivets, to make permanent joints that were tested with the hot glue gun.
  3. A Dremel tool (this overstepped my budget boundary, but I use it for everything, so it was a wise investment.
  4. Tin-snips, perfect for cutting thin metals and hard plastics
  5. A high-speed drill. Essential for drilling rivet holes and a million and one other things around the house.
  6. A hammer. 'nuff said.

All materials and supplies were available either at the local hardware store or at a discount store.

I welcome questions, comments, or guidance from anyone... please email me at

Please sign me as oksub

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