Home-made KTB

Submitted by: jclatex

Hi Altairboy

Iíve just joined the net and came across your site. Fascinating!

I saw the KTB there and it frightened the *%$@ out of me.

The thought of that cruel, evil-looking torture device locked on to my favourite body appendage sent shivers up and down my spine.

I showed the pictures to my loved one and jokingly suggested she get one for me as a Christmas present and she agreed! ĎWhat a good idea!í

The logistics were against that though, as we live in Oz, so I said Iíd have an attempt at making one just to see what it would be like.

I got a plastic pipe connector from my shed, 1" long x 1.5" internal diameter and about 2.5mm thick. I cut this down the centre with a fine saw just; on one side for the moment. I got a very small brass hinge and pried the plastic apart to take the spine of the hinge and pre-drilled the plastic with a fine drill, (about 1.5mm) and screwed in 12mm x 4g stainless steel screws which were threaded all the way from point to head to hold them solid in the plastic. The screw points protruding become part of the teeth.

Next I drilled four lines of five holes along the length of the plastic roughly equal distance apart. Twenty of the same screws went into the holes. Turning it over I made another cut lengthways opposite the first cut so I was able to open it up.

To make it lockable I used a plumbers saddle clip, ( the little brass clip that holds 12mm copper pipe to the wall), which I cut in half and made each piece into a small ĎLí shaped bracket, each one with a hole in one flange. In the other flange I drilled two 2mm holes. I placed one bracket in line with a side of the cut, drilled the plastic with the 1.5mm drill and screwed it on with the same screws and then repeated this with the other bracket to the other side of the cut then drilled out all the screw heads so they canít be unscrewed and ĎVoilaí. There it was.

The screws I used were very pointed so I filed the sharp points off and, boy, was I glad that I did!

The Mistress was very impressed and ordered me to get a small padlock so she could fix me into it.

As usual, fitting it on the first time had to be abandoned because of the erection but five minutes with a frozen ice-pack to my cock and balls then Mistress stretched out my cock, closed the bracelet around it and snapped the little padlock closed.

I wore it first time for about 5 hours before I was let out of it and wearing it was no problem at all so long as thoughts of sex were kept out of my head. When Iím soft Iím not even aware that itís there.

Next day it was locked on at 8.00am and I was forced to wear it all day; begging for release got me nowhere. After dinner, at about 7.00pm, Mistress ordered me to kneel on the ground at her feet and then started covering me with hot wet kisses. She groped and fondled me and was obviously delighted with her new power and with my predicament. She then made me take her sneakers off and lick her feet and suck her toes, a real turn-on for me. I was close to tears with agony and begged, and begged again to be allowed to get up. She eventually let me do so and I went for a walk around the back garden purging my mind of thoughts and now memories. I concentrated on the sky and the clouds and the weather until the agony in my cock eased then I went inside.

Mistress was gloating and with a cruel smile on her face she ordered my to my knees and repeated the whole scene again! My cock felt like it was getting the works from a blow-torch as she humiliated and kissed me and when she thought I had begged enough she relented and let me up, whereupon I went back to the garden and conducted a another serious meteorological survey.

Our relationship is one of love and my Mistress wouldnít force me into the bracelet if it were to cause me constant pain, but with it on I only get painful, very painful, if I allow any thoughts of a sexual nature to enter my head. She has total control of my thinking in that direction and she loves that power.

The bracelet is very effective and impossible to remove when locked on, without shredding my cock. It really does make a difference to my way of thinking. I know that if I think of sex at all Iím going to hurt!

Mistress now insists that I will wear it for as long as she wants me to and any begging for removal will be punished with a real hard whipping so I can say nothing. I havenít tried it overnight yet and dread the thought of it as I am very well hung and frequently get erections during the night which can only be eased by sex or masturbation, but I think that when I have worn it for a while and my cock is used to it Iím going to be put in it 24x7.

Oh!! Think flaccid.


PS - Much to my chagrin itís now called the OKTB.

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