Home Made Chastity Tube

Submitted by: jay.watson@btinternet.com

I have made my own C/T (chastity tube) based on the chastity tube (hope its not patented) I saw them on the net, (My wife thought it was a good idea for me to be locked up, so I was told to do something about it.)

So I had a good look at the market, didn't like the look of all weird and wonderful belts available. I think they are too complex and messy, for practical use. (Try and tell me different I am open to persuasion).

Though I did like the look of the tube, just enough covered up. Balls left open to tempt. But for what it is, I think it is very pricey. (Do you now theirs a whole world out there, waiting to rip you off if you are not a straight normal? citizen, If you are timid, 0r unusual you are going to pay)

So I thought I would make my own. Now I suggest if you are going to try this, if you don't already, shave because I would imagine it would be very painful and uncomfortable. (I have totality body shaved for years. and yes it makes your dick look bigger. Most of my conquests have shaved for me. Or I have done it for them)

Making the tube is easy, it's getting the clamp size right, that's the bugger. Out with the cloth tape, measure up I thought. Not so easy, my ball sack always seems different every time I look. (My balls are and do get quite tight, and I suppose they all do when not sexually active.) The first clamp seemed OK till we were having some fun with the toothpaste and my balls shrank and it fell off.

But now I have learned how to get it right. After a good hot soak in the bath, (ok I know but I am an engineer not a doctor) the measurement went down from 8 1/2 inches, to 7 1/2 inches. No wonder it fell off. It feels nice and snug and when my balls shrink back there is no pain at all, just a nice tight pressure on my balls (like the transvestite said - what's the use wearing tight knickers if you don't feel they are there?) I wore just the clamp for three days. No problem, when my balls are UN clamped they now hang lower.

The wife is delighted with the end result so I got well rewarded for my efforts. (Nice sore buttocks)

The clamp is made of a jubilee clip (car radiator hose clamp) they make them very large. I cut the worm wheel off so I have a long thin metal strip that is flexible. Then bend up about 1 inch of the end throe 90 degrees. Then I cut 7:5 inches of 3/8 clear plastic tube. (DIY shop garden section) Put in vice and squashed it flat. Then slid it over my metal strip. Then bend remainder throe 90 degrees. Form a circle and clamp your tab ends in a vice. Leaving enough space for your tube, You can drill a hole for the lock. Then cut the tabs down. File them into a round shape. And bobs your uncle a 10 minute clamp.

n010224a.jpg n010224b.jpg

The tube (mark one) 1 1/2 black PVC waste pipe shaped at one end to fit round balls. Cut a slot for the clamp - that's easy to do with a drill and a steady hand. Then simply cut to desired length so suit your cock, this depends how much room you want. I then simply glued an end on (cap off deodorant bottle) to act as a stopper. Long term use I suggest cutting a hole for pee.

Another tube I made is out of loo flush pipe (DIY shop) white PVC, a nice bend on this one its about 6 inches long with no end on it. (A lot more hygienic) When I get erect the end of my dick comes out of the tube. My wife loves this effect but because of the bend and the tightness of the tube I can't stay erect long. I did make one out of an aluminium tube (an old Hoover pipe that's 1 1/4 inch bore) but there is no way my dick will go in it, so I will look for some larger tube.

n010224c.jpg n010224d.jpg

All materials should be available in your local DIY stores or builders merchant do all the measuring and sizing at home not in B+Q (my case comes up next week)

The cost to me was £2 for the padlock as the rest was in the work shop, but you could probably buy all the tools and a cordless drill for less money than buying a tube on line. (Plus think of the fun you can have with a cordless drill) And it's a lot more fun. Your misters will me amazed at what you have made.

If you are a complete Nancy boy or just want some fun. I would consider making them to order. (Bet you would like your balls measured for you Whilst your wife watches on) Or we could do it via e-mail (pictures please want to make sure you measure it right) and I will post it on. Just cover my costs, plus a tip for a new pair of stockings, (I nearly always ladder them in the workshop.)

As for airport security I would imagine it would set the bells ringing, but if you are man enough to wear a c/t your man enough to explain why.

So the wife's happy. I am getting more personal attention. So that suits me, the only one pissed off is the deliveryman but that's another story.

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