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Submitted by: Domina J

I am submitting this story of my real life experiences for use on your site. If you choose to use it all I ask is that you delete my e-address.

I am Domina. I own two male submissives and of those one is my husband. I involve both of them in various levels and forms of chastity. I would like to share with you a few tales about my chastity fantasies and how I transformed them into real life experiences. This is my tale:

As a young girl I always dreamed to be locked in a belt. To be kept safe from my own sexuality. I have never found the right man to lock me up, so I turned it around. My former chastity slave M was right when he said sex to me is like having a cup of coffee (and goodness do I love coffee! <g>). I love myself and I fee free to express that openly.

Over the past year I had grown to a place where my desire to have a chaste slave was undeniable. I worked slowly over the past year to get my man (this is how I refer to my submissive husband) adjusted to the idea of chastity and chastity type devices. I am slow and methodical. I have no reason to rush. Life may be short, but I have no intention of speeding things up in attempt to crush everything in that is possible in life. I find that the things in life that are worth having are worth waiting for. Itís not a unique thought J So, over the past year I have talked about chastity to my man, read online journals/stories/articles, joined groups that support such activity, etc. I did my best to educate myself on WIITWD and to share my knowledge, thoughts, desires with my man.

My man gets pleasure form making me happy, but in chastity that is not enough. I want enthusiasm! I want chastity to be for mutual pleasure. Although the percentage of pleasure should definitely be slanted to My advantage <smiles>. I began his education with the simplest of devices. I locking cb ring. He liked that one, so I purchased a locking Gates of Hell and it was a smashing success! A cock does not lie <s> His cock looked awfully happy, but after too much happiness... ouchy that thing gets tight. I am a little bit sadistic and get pleasure from his discomfort. We played like this for a long time. I was conditioning him to enjoy being locked up. If I had the locks out he knew I would be giving his sex attention. My fingers caressing him; my lips, mouth, tongue and breathe near to his sex; my eyes exploring his intimate parts. He craved the affection, the attention... and as soon as I let him out he would have all of it.

My young submissive boy (a/k/a monkey) was brought into my life because I needed a personal valet. He is 20 years old to my 34. He is tall, handsome, and his greatest qualities are the three I cherish most. He is respectful, honest, and loyal to the core of his being. He is in the military and loyalty and honor are everything to him. I am so lucky. When I first met him I let him know upfront that chastity would be something that he must be open to. Like I did with my man I gradually worked with monkey about the idea of chastity. My monkey needs strict bondage and I give him that. I give him many of his fantasies... as a reward for his submission.

Being twenty years old and in chastity is no easy task for him. He is constantly horny, more so than other young men I remember from my youth. The CB2000 I got over the holidays is terrible torture for him. His penis is seven inches and it gets pretty tight in there. Again, I am so lucky <s> I like to lock him up to take him out to parties with all my beautiful girlfriends and let them tell him about the sexual favors they would give him if he could get out of "that thing". All my girlfriends like him and I love letting them tease him this way. It is so exciting for him, because the offers are truly sincere. If only he could convince me to let him out! <s> It is so wonderful for him and yet so terrible for him all at the same time. I purchased a stainless steel cb ring before the New Year and left it with the shopkeeper to sent out to be engraved. When it comes back from the jeweler he will be collared and when he is not in chastity he will wear it as a reminder of My ownership over him. He will not stay with me long as he will be moving with his family to California within a year or so, but he is Mine until then.

Then there was M. He had an AD belt. We shared the same fantasy and to the same depths. I love chastity devices and his was at the level that I desire. The feel of metal locked against the flesh is am awesome experience. I am glad I met him and that I got to finally touch and hold the keys of a devoted metal chastity belt slave... even if it was short lived. Someday when I am done being Domina I will purchase an female belt from Walter and get the right person to hold my keys... but for now, I am Domina - I am living, learning, exploring all my young girl chastity fantasies and working to making them realities.

To me the fun in chastity is when Domina decides when slave goes in the belt and when slave gets out... regardless of slaves begging, pleading, whining. If slave decides when he belt is on & off, then Domina's enjoyment is diminished.

Domina J

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