Home Design Belt for CB-2K

Submitted by: b2please (bound to please)

Dear Altairboy:

My goal was to create a super secure, comfortable, flexable, sleepable, non-visible through clothes, chastity device. I think I've come close. (My wife controls whether I'm close to C...., well that's another story.) The CB2000 is great, but my flacid member can easily escape, and I don't like the severe discomfort of the sharp points you can add on. n010104d.jpg I want to be able to get very excited when I'm pleasing my mate, and feel no pain. Hence, this B2P-CB2000 combo.

This device also has the advantage of FEELING more like a complete chastity belt, while having much more flexibility, comfort, and cleanability than a Jones/ Tollyboy type. And I think it's nearly invisible under clothes (the same as a CB2000 alone).

Design comments: I decided I needed a stainless plate FIRMLY held against the abdomen, just above where the CB2000 normally is. This is to prevent access to the top of the CB2000 entry, and to hold the top of the CB2000 near the skin (not pulled away). This plate is held there by angled Stainless Steel strips that go up over the hip, and then held down with flexible stainless steel aircraft cable, that adapts to any position, and rests hidden from view. (The cable is easily held to the side for bodily functions.) This cable could be run different ways, but I tried to find the best cable separation in the front for my body shape, and I like it coming together for invisibility in the back. The cable does not mount to the CB2000 in any way.

n010104a.jpg n010104b.jpg n010104c.jpg

This plate is then LINKED to the CB2000 using a modified marine link that fits on the locking pin, and allows pivoting in 2 directions. I replaced the CB2000 locking pin with a stainless pin for super strength (modified marine clevis pin). Now, there's no way to reach down under the plate, or to get that persistant, sneaky, thing out, even when flacid. But there's lots of flexibility for walking, sitting, and sleeping.

This design is a "no-profile" hip hugger, that's low enough that you can bend your back any way you want (challenging in Tollyboy design).

Thanks to folks like Altairboy, CBPhile, Tammad (rest in peace), and others for being so brave to share so much information with the community. I would have NEVER come up with this design without the help of these great folks, whom I hope someday to meet.

b2please (bound to please)

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