Homebuilt PVC chastity device

Submitted by: bondage@playful.com

Hi Altairboy:

I live in Sweden and have been fascinated by chastity devices for some time. I recently moved, so now my Mistress lives some 370 miles away from me, and that makes the chastity issue more relevant.


I have built my first chastity belt today, and would like to share my experience with all of you out there. I got the idea from the anonymous article http://www.tpe.com/~altarboy/note0303.htm , but I bought a 45 degrees bent plastic tube (32 mm diameter) and that makes it invisible under clothing. I bought it at a place called "Bauhaus", a chain of hardware stores all over Sweden. It is a standard sewage pipe made of white pvc plastic. An added bonus was that the edges have rubber lining (to prevent leaking) and that makes the edges smooth.

The price for the device was about 5 $ plus the padlock. It took about 15 minutes to make.

I have had it on for about 13 hours so far, and it fits nicely. It is too small to allow any erection so I cannot masturbate and get an orgasm. Since the padlock goes thru my PA piercing it is 100% safe. I could cut the plastic with pliers but the padlock would still be locked on to my penis (and when my Mistress found out, I would be in serious trouble :-)

So, if you want a VERY secure and hygienic (it's attached only to the piercing - no belts or other things attached) chastity device, get a prince Albert piercing (it didnít hurt to get it) and make a chastity tube like the one I just did.

Best regards,

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