Homemade CB design

Submitted by: Peter

I only found out about CB's last week, having recently discovered a strong desire to be submissive. I looked at the designs on your site and went to Homebase, a UK DIY store, to find materials.

In the end though, the most important item was in my garage - an old footstrap from a racing cycle pedal. It has a very tough, thin strap with a quick-release buckle. The strap threads through a tough rubber moulding designed to hold the toe of a cycle shoe. I used a hacksaw to cut off the end of the rubber moulding, leaving me with a strap which fits tightly behind my testicles, and holds in place two rubber "prongs". I used heat to bend these to the right angle and used tape to attach a plastic tube.

The tube is from a children's toy which came packed in it, and is hard clear plactic, shaped like a large test-tube (the toy was 2.50 in Homebase and was the only useful thing I got there). I cut the tube to length and at an angle, so that my penis sits pointing down, and sawed the rounded end off to make a hole for peeing.

I even managed to put on a lock! The strap is just the right length to go round my penis and testicles twice. I can then feed the end through part of the buckle and I made a hole in the end of the strap which takes the hasp of a padlock.

The whole thing was done in a couple of hours and cost next to nothing. When I have more time I will replace the tape with small screws (drilling holes in the rubber moulding and tube for the purpose) and/or glue (superglue would work well). I will also shorten the tube. The tube is about the right diameter - I can slip my flaccid penis in but it is too tight for a proper erection - but I left it too long. I want my flaccid penis to come almost to the end so I can't get a proper erection.

I also need to add a short strap to connect from the main strap at the underside of my testicles to the underside of the tube. This will keep the tube pointing down. At the moment I can remove my penis by swinging the tube upwards and pulling the flaccid penis downward. Superglue will probably do the job here too.

I have worn the tube today for several hours and it worked well. Of course it could be removed by cutting the strap but that would take an effort and would destroy the device.

The next stage is to ask my wife to hold the key. Luckily or not, she caught me looking at a CB design on the web and I said I was looking at ways of controlling masturbation, so I have prepared the way...

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