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Submitted by: cbee58@hotmail.com

Hello Altarboy I have been into chastity since 1978 when I first saw a CB in a magazine. My first CB was made of aluminium and the front was made of two pieces hard PVC. My second chastity belt (below) was made of soft aluminium and looks like a pair of metal underpants.

n001202a.jpg n001202b.jpg

Some few years ago I found a picture of a Tollyboy CB on Internet. I decided to make a CB of stainless steel and the front shield of fibreglass. The front shield was replaced by a stainless one with the tube pointing up. The photographs below show the result. The penis tube has a rubber sleeve glued inside which can be inflated with a water or air pump for special excitement.

n001202c.jpg n001202d.jpg

Another shield was also made with the tube pointing down and cover for the balls. It was soldered with silver+flux using acetylene/oxygen. The ball covers were made from scoops you find in the kitchen shop.

n001202e.jpg n001202f.jpg n001202g.jpg

Later, some accessories were added, like six hooks and a butt plug. There were of course some disadvantages with the hooks under the pants and another one without hooks was made.

I have started to make another CB with some special accessories, but I will keep this secret until it has been tested.


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