Two Weeks with Mother-in-Law

Fiction Submitted by: Anonymous

It was 6:00 in the morning as Jill put my suitcase in the trunk, along with hers and Tyrone's. I was ordered to sit in the back seat for the long ride to her mother's house in Long Island.

My travelling outfit was a skimpy white baby-doll nightie with fluffy marabou trim all around the hem. My ruffly white satin hi-cut sissy panties concealed the fact that I was severely tucked -- my balls pushed way up inside my body and my sissy clit pulled back tightly between my legs -- held firmly in place by a white satin gaff. White knee-socks and shiny black patent pumps with 5-inch heels completed my sissy outfit.

My hair had been freshly permed and colored the night before. Now it was a bright copper-red, short and tightly curled in a style reminiscent of the 1950s. My entire body was completely depilated, and I wore lots of brightly colored makeup, including bright red lips, blue eye shadow, black eyeliner and long false lashes.

I sat nervously in the plush leather back seat of Tyrone's Cadillac as my wife and her big, muscular black lover got in and we drove away.

Jill and Tyrone were going on a two-week Caribbean cruise, while I was to stay with my mother-in-law and be her live-in sissy-maid. Jill had me locked in my chastity device for the past four months, and her mother Myrna planned on seeing to it that I would remain in my state of total sexual frustration until they got back.

I thought I would die when we drove through the toll booths of the George Washington Bridge. Tyrone made sure to give the toll collector a large bill to change, giving the woman plenty of time to see me sitting in the back seat in my humiliating outfit.

As we drove along in the frosty darkness of this mid-winter morning, Jill and Tyrone discussed the several tropical islands they would visit. Jill snuggled up close to him, giggling and reminding him how romantic their two weeks together would be.

All the while I thought of what was in store for me: two long weeks at the mercy of my bitchy, castrating mother-in-law, who never liked me to begin with, and who had been waiting a long, long time to get me in just such a situation.

I was sure every driver that passed alongside us was took a double-take at the fluffy, ultra-feminine "girl" in the back seat of our car. Jill reminded me to sit up straight and not pay any mind to the other cars. My face was hot and flushed the entire ride.

After what seemed an eternity, we pulled up to Myrna's spacious suburban home. As if by magic, the garage door opened for us, and we pulled inside.

"Okay, Sissy!" Jill announced. "Out you go!"

She got out and took my big pink suitcase out of the trunk, as I nervously got out of the car. Tyrone just looked at me and laughed. I could see my breath in the chilly garage as Jill brought my suitcase inside, instructing me to wait until she returned.

"You know what, little sissy white boy?" Tyrone smirked. "I am going to fuck the shit out of your wife the whole time we're gone. She wants me to give her a baby sooo bad .. the baby you never would, or could, give her with that soft little sissy-dick of yours."

I could only stand there and take it. I felt completely worthless as a man standing there in my ridiculous outfit, as this huge black stud laughed out loud at me.

"Just think, sissy-boy. While you're here being bossed around by your ugly bitch mother-in-law, I'm gonna be pumping my hot load in your wife's pussy .. over and over and over. Two solid weeks of fucking and impregnating YOUR wife! Shit man, I am gonna have a GOOD time!"

Just then Jill returned and stood in front of me. Looking me straight in the eye, she gave her final instructions before departing.

"Remember everything I told you, Sissy. You are to obey mother as you obey me. Do everything she tells you, and don't give her a hard time or you know what will happen. I expect to get a good report from her when I return."

"Yes Mistress," I blinked.

She gave me one last look up and down, and could barely keep from bursting out in laughter and the sight of her pathetic sissy husband. Then she got back in the car with Tyrone. As they backed out of the garage, Tyrone looked at me and mouthed the words, "I'm gonna FUCK your WIFE." I could see Jill give him a big wet kiss just before they sped off to the airport.

I pressed the button to close the garage door, and nervously entered my mother-in-law's house - a fluffy little baby-doll, perched on 5-inch heels - feeling every bit like the little sissy I knew I was. I closed the door behind me, and stood alone in the mirrored foyer, awaiting the woman who be my cruel, stern Mistress for the next two weeks: my mother-in-law!

"Well! What have we here?"

I spun around on my heel to see my mother-in-law enter the room. I felt myself swell pathetically in my super-tight gaff.

Myrna was 60 years old, but had a body any woman that age would die for. She stood almost six feet tall in heels, and had a voluptuous figure that still turned men's heads. Certainly not a pretty woman, she more than made up for it with her beautiful body, lots of impeccably applied makeup, and her classic and well-practiced femininity.

I couldn't believe what she was wearing.

She wore a tight white athletic top, which made her large breasts look super-soft and lovely. A bright red pleated tennis skirt barely covered whatever she wore underneath, and her white kidskin-leather over-the-knee boots had "sensible" 4-inch heels.

Her full head of long platinum-white hair was fluffed and teased into a huge halo around her head. Myrna had the most beautiful skin I have ever seen on a 60-year-old woman. Firm and darkly tanned, she looked magnificent -- and frighteningly sexy.

"Stand at attention!" she barked.

I obeyed instantly, feeling completely embarrassed dressed the way I was in her presence. She approached me, her high-heels clicking on the marble floor. Slowly she circled me, closely examining me from head to foot. I trembled, my face hot from blushing profusely.

"Come with me, Sissy!" she ordered.

I nervously followed her into the living room, my sissy baby-doll swaying to and fro, my heart pounding. I briefly took a glimpse of Myrna's sexy hips wiggling sensuously in her red-hot tennis skirt.

"Stand at attention in the middle of the room, Sissy!"

"Yes, Ma'am," I answered timidly.

"It's MOTHER, stupid!! You are to refer to me at all times as Mother! Do you understand??" she shrieked.

"Yes, Mother."

As I once again stood at attention in the center of Myrna's beautifully appointed living room, she sat in a large green velvet chair and crossed her gorgeous legs. For a few moments there was silence. I was actually sweating.

"Turn for me, Sissy. Model your little sissy baby-doll for me. And don't stop until you're told."

"Yes, Mother."

Slowly I rotated, like the models on QVC that Jill had me closely study and emulate. Myrna laughed out loud.

"What a SISSY!" she declared in a loud voice. "Look at yourself! Don't you feel just a little FOOLISH dressed like that here with your mother-in-law?"

I did feel completely foolish, and told her so. But that only made her laugh harder as she re-crossed her legs.

"I knew from Day One that you were no man. Certainly not man enough for MY daughter! I really am very happy she found Tyrone. Now THERE's a REAL MAN!"

I never felt so humiliated in my life. To think that I would be spending the next two weeks with this witch was unbearable.

"Walk, Sissy. Walk back and forth for me. I want to see how you manage in those high heels!"

Myrna settled back with a cigarette as I obeyed. Mincing daintily in my heels, I clicked loudly on the hardwood floor.

"Eyes straight ahead!" I was commanded. "Hands on hips! Do NOT stop until I tell you to!"

I felt like a complete sissy marching back and forth for her in high-heels, my face flushed bright red. Myrna laughed long and loud.

"Alright, little sissy-boy. Let's get a few things straight. For the next two weeks, I will not require you to wear your little cage thing. But you will remain as you are now .. tightly tucked away. I assure you ... there will be no erect penises and CERTAINLY no disgusting male orgasms in MY house! Do you understand?"

"Yes Mother," I meekly replied as I continued my deportment.

"At night, you will be bound so those roving hands of yours can't get into any mischief! Also, we will also be utilizing a little demerit system. You will do whatever I tell you to do .. instantly and cheerfully. Any hesitancy in obeying will result in one demerit. If you get five demerits over the next two weeks, I will inform Jill, and she will keep you locked in chastity for a three-month extension. Each demerit over five will add another month. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mother... "

"In addition, every day you will be given one full dosage of Viagra-Plus. I'm very interested to see what kind of effect that will have on your behavior!"

"Yes, Mother! Thank you Mother!"

Again Myrna laughed hysterically, fully enjoying the total power and control she now had over her emasculated son-in-law. I wondered what humiliating orders I would be given during my stay with her.

"Stop walking, Sissy!" I was commanded. "Now come with me. Time to put you to work!"

Myrna led the way up the stairs. As I followed behind, I looked up and got a glimpse of my mother-in-law's firm, sexy bottom, encased in shiny white satin tennis panties.

"You better not be looking up my skirt, Sissy!"

I quickly averted my eyes. "No, Mother, IÕm not."

She led me into her amazing bedroom .. richly appointed and totally feminine. I stood there as she opened a dresser drawer and dumped an enormous pile of her panties onto the bed.

"Bring my panties into the bathroom, Sissy!"

"Yes, Mother."

I scooped up the enormous pile of luscious, obviously very expensive undergarments and followed her into her bathroom. There I saw a huge pile of clip-on hangers on the table. I dropped the mountain of panties next to the sink as instructed.

"There is the sink. There is the Woolite. You are to hand wash every single pair of panties and hang them on the hangers over the tub. You will not stop until every last panty is thoroughly washed and hung up to dry. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Mother!" I answered instantly.

"SMILE WHEN YOU ANSWER ME SISSY!!" she screamed. "That will be ONE .. DEMERIT!"

I grinned like a humiliated child. "Yes, Mother! Thank you, Mother!"

Myrna reached into the medicine cabinet and brought out a vial of big blue pills. She took one out and ordered me to take it. I swallowed the giant Viagra-Plus pill and washed it gown with a glass if water.

"Good. Now get to work .. SISSY!"

I started to fill the sink with warm water, and added a capful of Woolite. As the bubbles grew, I took the first pair of panties and immersed them in the sudsy water.

"You scrub each and every pair of panties good! I want them as clean as the day I bought them! Do each one separately. Rinse them in cool water and hang them neatly and carefully. I want you to show my panties the respect they deserve from a sissy like you!"

"Yes, Mother! Thank you Mother!" I cheerfully responded.

Myrna gave me a look of absolute disdain as she turned and left me to my sissy task. I felt completely defeated.

I don't know where she bought her panties, but they were of exquisite quality. Even better than Victoria's Secret lingerie. I'll bet that each pair cost at least $30, and there were dozens and dozens of them, one prettier and sexier than the last.

Satin briefs, silk bikinis, and a huge assortment of beautiful control briefs and ruffly tennis panties awaited my attention. I paid close attention to each pair, scrubbing the crotches with a little brush. For each pair I would empty the sink, refill it with cool clear water, and rinse them thoroughly. Then, I hung each one on its own individual hanger and let them drip into the tub.

After about a half-hour, I wasn't even a quarter-way through the pile. It was then that Myrna returned and sat in her makeup chair behind me. I could see her reflection in the mirror, as she looked me up and down.

"Well, pretty soon your wife and her lover will be settling into their cabin on the cruise ship. I'll bet the first thing they'll do is make passionate love. How does that make you feel, Sissy?"

I knew I had to give the correct answer or risk another demerit. "I'm so happy Jill is having a good time, Mother," was my pathetic answer.

Myrna burst into laughter.

"How could any woman not have a good time in that situation, you moron? On a two-week cruise with a handsome black stud who wants nothing but to FUCK her day in and day out! When was the last time YOU fucked my daughter, Sissy?"

"It's been over two years, Mother."

"You are nothing but a pathetic excuse for a man. No. You're not even CLOSE to being a man. Look at yourself! Dressed in a sissy-fag babydoll nightie and knee-socks like a little GIRL, hand washing your mother-in-law's panties while your wife is busy getting impregnated by a muscular, dominating black man! You .. are .. PATHETIC! AREN'T YOU?? ANSWER ME!!!!"

"Yes, Mother.." I said, my lip quivering. "I am pathetic."

As Myrna marched out of the bathroom, I suddenly realized how horny I was. It had been four months since I was last permitted to cum, and I had at least another two weeks of total chastity staring me in the face. And I had a funny feeling Myrna would certainly find ample reason to give me at least the five demerits necessary to keep me frustrated for an addition 3 months.

I wanted desperately to rip off my panties and gaff and masturbate furiously .. to shoot my enormous, pent-up load of semen all over the pile of pretty panties that lay before me. But I knew if Myrna found me in any way untucked or touching myself, she would see to it that I would never cum again.

Hot, powerful waves of intense sexual frustration coursed through my sissified body as I washed Myrna's panties, until all I could think of was how much I wished I could cum -- though I knew that was completely impossible. I also knew that Tyrone would have limitless opportunities to pump hot torrents of his potent, black African seed deep into my wife's fertile womb over the next two weeks, while I endured endless denial and frustration at the hands of my castrating mother-in-law.

i had no choice but to give up and give in to Myrna's iron-clad control over me. I felt my mind breaking, and my entire purpose in life was to please and obey her, no matter how embarrassed or humiliated I was, just with the hope that I might feel the delicious release of cumming one more time before the next lengthy period of total enforced chastity.

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