Tabbi's Chastity Piercing

Submitted by: Tabbi

Hi Altairboy:

I wrote up a description of my chastity peircing a while ago for a body modification web site. I came accross your web site and thought it might be a good addition to your site.

I already had eight pairings in each outer labia. Previously I had used eight rings through the 16 holes basically to close up my pussy. However this wasn't very permanent as I could easily remove the rings. The other few problems were the rings didn't quite hold the two outer labias shut as tight as I really wanted and I was also able to easily remove the rings myself. The effect was ok, but it didn't give me the 'enforced' chastity I am was looking for.

The solution: I spoke to my friend who has performed most of my pairings to find out what he would suggest I do to get the effect I wanted. I explained that whatever is done needs to be difficult or impossible for me to undo myself otherwise it would be a waste. We thought about stainless steel padlocks however, they wouldn't give me the effect I was really looking for. So then my friend came up with the idea of sewing me shut. He would be able to sew me up as snug as I wanted. Being sewed up would also make it much more difficult for me to remove then the rings. So the decision was made to try and sew me up using surgical stainless steel 14 gauge wire. The following weekend my friend had found the wire and we set up a time for the sewing.

For effect we decided to make it more like a ritual/bdsm game then just another 'piercing' session. I was chained down in a spread eagle position to the bed with clean white sheets. Each of the eight rings I was already wearing were removed and discarded. I was then cleaned and the area disinfected for safety's sake. Next, he placed a sterile ice pack on me for about 10 to 15 minutes to make the area a little numb. (That was a very chilling experience)

Now it was time to lace me up. The surgical steel 14-gauge wire was slowly threaded through my piercings. The wire isn't very flexible so it had to be carefully bent with clean sterile needlenose pliers. Each loop was pulled snug as it was passed through my piercings and wrapped around to meet the next piercing. The wire was threaded in a criss cross pattern much like the way you would tie up shoelaces. The process was repeated in the opposite direction so both sides of my pussy had been double laced. As I was laced up, he made sure it wasn't to tight where the lacing could cause any damage however it was snug so it would be hard to get a wire snips underneath to cut the wire. Once he was done threading, the two ends of the wire were rolled into a loop and a careful drip of solider was placed on the connecting end of each loop. A small master padlock was placed between the two loops to help hold the tag ends from coming loose.

After he was done I he showed me what it looked like with a mirror. I wanted to be let out of my cuffs but he refused and said I need to just relax for a while before I go crazy. He left me locked up for about 5-6 hours till I calmed down and felt a little more used to my new body modification. When I was let out, I began to explore and was quite satisfied with the lacing.

I began to think of just what it's gonna be like wearing this, knowing that I can't have sex with this in me. The idea of being in a chastity lacing really got my mind and heart racing. Some of my first thoughts were: How long can I wear this? Is this going to cause problems, especially during my period. How in the world am I ever going to take this out. Do I want to take this out? My mind was going a mile a minute and I ended up having a wild life high.

So far I have been laced up for 3 months and I have had no problems except it is a little it does get a little messy during that time of the month. Cleaning is easy with the use of a showerhead that is attached on a flexible tube. The area is washed every day to help avoid infection and checked frequently by my friend to make sure there are no real problems. I have gotten used to the feel of having the wire in and really enjoy the fact that I am in my 'enforced' chastity. The key to the padlock remains safely in the hands of my friend.

The current plan is to keep the threading in until for 6 months. If all goes well in 6 months we are going to try and figure out a way to make my chastity a bit more permanent. We may try thicker wire that would be harder to cut, or lace in some type of metal shield. We aren't 100% sure of how this will work out, but so far I love it. I would love to be kept in chastity for years and this seems like a logical way. I have thought of a chastity belt but they tend to be bulky and hygiene can become an issue.

Other piercings and tattoos I have: navel ring and a small tattoo of a half moon around my belly button, each ear has 2 piercing in them, I would like to get my tongue pierced but I work in a professional office building and it really isn't appropriate.


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