Male Corset with Chastity Device

Submitted by: Dieter

I have immensely enjoyed your website. Recently, I thought I could also contribute a few pictures:

My wife of over 25 years started wearing corsets with my strong encouragement since she was 18.  As she progressed to reduce her waist to 18", her gynecologist strongly recommended that she wear a uterine support (U/S) as a preventive measure. Over the years her U/S and accessories evolved into very sophisticated and sexy devices. Still, as you can imagine, a U/S  -as an integral part of her corsets-  is a very effective chastity device: It requires exciting preparations and my full cooperation  to insert and remove; (but that is a separate story I can send you if interested).

I saw that my wife had so much excitement and fun wearing her ever tighter corsets; therefore I did not require much of her encouragement to begin to wear corsets myself. This became for me an even greater joy, being both corseted most of the time. And as her U/S is a formidable chastity device, she has equipped me several times with chastity devices she got made for me by measure of her own design.

As my wife is also in the medical profession, she has easy access to companies to fabricate any devices as she requires and designs.

n000605a.jpg n000605b.jpg n000605c.jpg

My latest, a long, red leather corset comes with a heavy, black leather underbelt. The corset is very long and cannot be opened without her agreement and extensive help. Into this underbelt she has incorporated her special chastity device for me:

To the corset underbelt is attached a neoprene covered spring steel, that has at its end an oblong spoon-type flexible support, into which she places my penis and pulls it back towards my rectum. This support is then attached to the lower back of my corset. First however, she has pushed my testicles up into their body cavities, and the device holds them there. This was quite something to get used to for longer periods of time.

Since we both like to wear our corsets over longer periods of time (up to 4-5 days), she had to take care of my bodily functions:

When so corseted, she has equipped me with a permanent catheter, which drains into a two inch anal insert which ends in a stoppered flexible tube ending between my legs. With proper adjustments, the whole apparatus is completely leak free, very clean, odor free, and I have now worn it for 5 days uninterrupted. Of course only sponge baths are possible during this time.

I am typing this being again so equipped, although sitting for long periods of time can become tiring.


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