Another adaptation of the Chastilock

Submitted by: Anonymous

Having been married to a woman who is (1) technically inclined and (2) enjoys keeping her mate (me) in a state of enforced chastity and available for her use only can make life very amusing.

Recently she made yet another adaptation to the Chastilock, we were going to a friend's farm for an adults only party. On this farm in the middle of 500 acres there is usually nudity and nude swimming, nothing special just part of a secluded adult gathering.

Having been to one of these parties before she knows that some of the younger ladies enjoy teasing the older married men. In my case my arousal became obvious.

Below is her solution to this challenge:

Of course the Chastilock is firmly and securely locked around my penis just below the glans. Next a single handcuff is securely and tightly locked around my balls. Then a small padlock attaches the two together. She added a small chain as an accessory.

I wore the key for the chastilock and the handcuff on a small chain locked securely around my neck secured by an identical padlock to the one that held the chain, Chastilock and handcuff together. Of course she wore the key for the small lock prominently displayed on a gold chain.

Without the key to the small lock I could not (a) remove the keys from around my neck and (b) unlock the small padlock on my device.

n000522.jpg There I was trapped in eunuchdom. The device was concealed beneath my clothing. Any arousal on my part was dealt with swiftly and very painfully by this device. I enjoy being sexually teased by my wife, but I don't enjoy pain so I had to look the other way and think about other things.

What's even worse very shortly after we arrived she went inside the home of the hosts to talk to our hostess. During this time I had a few beers and chatted with some friends outside. A young, recently divorced friend of my wife, who was quite nude and very drunk came by ran her hand up my leg and said as she grabbed a beer, "Hey, pops I saw your girl go inside, want to have a little fun in the pasture?"

I explained as politely as possible that I couldn't even if I wanted to, that my wife was in control of sex in our home.

She teased, "Not getting any? Eh?"

My wife who had been standing on the porch laughed and replied for me," He has sex every morning as part of our wake-up ceremony, but I have his keys so he couldn't if he wanted to."

The girl laughed, "Like keys to the family car?" My wife replied, "Holding her key out and pointing to my collar with the two keys on it."

"What do you mean, is he a slave?"

"No a pampered pet" my wife replied ordering me to disrobe. I removed my shirt and slacks. Taking hold of the small chain my wife replied, "As they say he is a follower, easily led." I followed her meekly around in a circle.

She then unlocked the small lock, wrapped the chain around the horse hitching rail in front of the house and locked it again as she passed me a beer. "Now I know that he won't wander off and get into trouble!"

For nearly an hour I stood nude chained to the rail. I was on display and suitable for teasing by the younger ladies.

I had to answer questions such as: "Are you a slave?' Answer: "No, at any time I can request and be granted release."

"How can your wife do this to you?" Answer: " Because she loves me and wants to keep my affection and devotion to her alone; also because with constant teasing provided by this unit I am ready to make love to her anytime."

"How can you let your wife do this to you?" Answer: "She didn't I did it to myself and then handed her the keys." (you should have seen the shocked faces on that one)

"What do you do for your wife?" Answer: " Anything she asks foot rubs, back rubs, shave her legs and elsewhere, cuniligus, take out the garbage, mow the lawn, anything. I can't even masturbate, so I have no sexual relief other than to serve her needs. She loves to maximize my teasing. By the way our sex has gone from weekly to daily. For a couple who are both over 55 that's not bad!"

"How can you trust your sexuality to someone?" Answer: "Its easy, how much confidence do you have in your relationship. Do you have any idea how much love, trust and faith it takes to make this step?"

Later I dressed and we ate barbecue in the picnic area, everyone seemed to have a question for me.

The owners wife and two of my friend's wives purchased Chastilocks for their mates.

My wife asked me to disrobe again. I undressed and she passed me the key and I unlocked the elements of the chastilock assembly and held them up for everyone to see. Then without saying a word, I relocked both the device, small lock with the chain and lastly the chain around my neck, which bore the keys to both the cuff and chastilock,.

I then explained that:
(A) it was not torture, but an absolutely erotic tease on my wife's part
(B) it was purely voluntary on my part and
(C) I had actually come to enjoy the feeling of the Chastilock and felt insecure in public without it.

Then I made most of the guys shudder when I asked, "How many of you have enough trust, love and faith in your mate to lace yourself in a chastity device where you cannot even masturbate and then give the only keys to your wife, girl friend or significant other.

"Now think about the erotic part of this imagine your lover teasing you, reminding you of their love with every step. You let your mind wander and look at that secretary with the short skirt, and you are reminded whose owns your love.

"Are you man enough and confident about your relationship and sexuality to make the commitment and surrender your sexuality to that someone special?"

The two wives who had purchased chastilocks passed them to their husbands. To my surprise one of them dropped his shorts and after a little coaching on how to avoid being pinched he snapped his chastilock shut and handed the keys to his wife who responded with a long deep kiss. The two of us and our wives were the "stars of the bar" as we chatted and answered questions. It was then the host's wife said, "Hey, folks, let's go for a swim before dark. She stood up, peeled off her clothes and everyone including my wife gasped when we noted she was wearing a chastity belt. When she noticed the stares she curtly responded," Haven't you ever seen a lady in a chastity belt before, hell my husband wears a Cb2000 and we hide each other's keys when we have these parties. That way no matter how messed up we get we know we won't be bringing AIDS home to share."

Her husband a tall brown haired college professor dropped his shorts and there was the clear plastic Cb2000 chastity device securely locked around his penis.

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