Home Built Chastity Tube

Submitted by: slavebbb

Hello Altairboy,

I have been a fan of your site for years, and have contributed fiction that you have posted on the site. I would like to share with you my home built chastity tube. I have built two chastity belts previously and this is my second chastity tube. I have a 6 gauge Prince Albert piercing and designed the tube around that.

n000516a.jpg n000516b.jpg

The tube is heavy black plastic with a slot on the bottom for a padlock. The lock fits though my PA. I positioned stainless steel wires inside the tip to form a cage.It was relatively easy to construct and works like a charm. I use a small piece of nylon cord to pull my penis even with the slot. It takes a little practice and some hand cream, but I now can install the tube in a few minutes.

Once locked in the tube, there is no way to reach an erection and the cage at the tip prevents little fingers from stimulating anything. Without an erection, and stimulation, orgasm is impossible. I have worn it for twenty four hours straight with no ill effects other than being constantly horny and unable to do anything about it. It is relatively comfortable and can be worn for long periods.

I have included photos that you may post on your site.


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