Ten Dollar Chastity

Submitted by: Bob


I have been a loyal viewer of your site for over 2 years now. Just tonight while driving home I remembered what i saw on it last night - your $5.00 PVC belt.

Even tho I am more turned on by a female in a belt I thought it'd only be fair. so what the heck - I went to the hardware store and got the parts - however i did make a few modifications:

I used the 470lb test chain (it is about 3/8" wide and barely a quarter inch thick) - strong and low profile. I also used three zip ties at every joint - even tho that jacked the price to $10 its worth it. I now have a perspective which I have only been able to see in pictures on your site; even had complete useage in the bathoom with it on.

I now realize how serious your postings are about keeping clean. Tho my chastity interest is limited to either self-bondage, or sex play in general - I wanted to say thanks to you and let you know that you've made a difference - keep up the good work.


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