Defeating the Purpose of CB-2000

Submitted by: CB Wearing

Dear Altairboy,

I have been locked up in a CB-2000 since mid-January. It all came about on New Years Eve when my wife questioned my faithfullness and I responded with I would do anything to prove my faithfullness to her. She produced the CB-2000.

When she first tried to put me in the device, I was in a lot of pain from the A-ring and the B-ring on the device crushing my ball sac. After consulting with the manufacturer and about two weeks of ball stretching, I was finally fitted with the next to smallest A-ring and locked up. Since my lock up (which is 24/7) I have only been released three times (but not before she restrains me so that I cannot change my mind about being locked up). She has added my wearing panties and pantyhose 24/7 as well. She also has put me "in charge" of all domestic housework, laundry, cleaning, most cooking, and when I am done my tasks, and she doesn't have any or doesn't want any personal services, she ties and gags me so I do not "puppy dog" her for release.

Last week at work, I somehow slipped past the A-ring. I didn't notice it until I got home and she did her daily inspection of the device. She accused me of deliberately removing the device for self pleasure (you see, I was on my way to an eight week lock up with no release). I tried to explain that I did not do anything; I must have just slipped out. She restrained me on the bed and gagged me. She proceeded to manipulate my ball sac and penis for 30 minutes until I was securely wearing the smallest A-ring sent with the device. She let me remain restrained (tied up) until lunchtime and then locked the cage part back on. She also told me she was doubling my lock up period to 16 weeks!

Saturday she took me to her friend's house and told me that I would be cleaning her house so they could go shopping. Once there and in front of her girlfriend, I was told to get out of my male clothes, leaving me in panties and pantyhose. I was so humiliated and embarrassed. She took out a bra and fastened it and then the 5" heels that I am growing accustomed to. She had me lock the straps with tiny padlocks and give her the keys. She then handed me ankle cuffs and handcuffs to fasten on my ankles and wrists. She told me that she didn't want me running off anywhere and the two of them laughed. I was given a list of things to do while they were out shopping and that the list better be completed before they returned. She gathered up my male clothes and they left.

I quickly started to do the tasks on the list. As I entered her friend's bedroom, I noticed one of those strap to the hand body massagers and picked it up. I plugged it in and held it to my crotch area. I began to get excited. I lowered my panties and pantyhose and brought myself to a much needed orgasm while still wearing the CB-2000. It felt so good and so long needed. I cleaned up and returned to cleaning and was just finishing up when they returned. After inspection, I was handed the keys and my male clothes. I unlocked the heels and cuffs and got dressed. Her friend smiled and asked my wife if I could come over again to clean while they went out. My wife agreed and they both chuckled. I hope I get to clean at her house often and soon.

The whole point of me writing was that orgasm is possible by way of a vibrating device. The CB-2000 cleaned up easily and my wife thinks that I am in agony awaiting release at the end of 16 weeks.

Just wanted to let other CB-2000 wearers know that there is a way of relief without getting out of the CB-2000.

CB Wearing

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