Home Built PVC named "Destiny"

Submitted by: Robin

My Wife/Mistress has struck again. Although She feels our leather chastity, as shared with you in previous communication, has served its purpose well, other types needed to be explored. The bother with the padlock and mild difficulty of stuffing me into the cage led her to explore more into a penis tube type. Still not wanting to spend a lot of money on a commercial version, She came up with the solution you see pictured. The leather one cost under $30 to create and that includes the expense of the hole punch and riveter.

n000418a.jpg This one cost less than $10. The idea for it popped into Her fertile mind as She was hanging a new shower curtain. A week after we wrote our first letter to you, she handed me a shower curtain ring and 90 degree PVC elbo. i was told to rivet 2 leather loops to the elbo that would fit the ring. i drilled 2 holes for the rivets, filed everything smooth and made the attachments. When finished i asked Her how She intended to actually lock it. i was told She had that figured out.

Some 3 weeks of being continuously confined in the cage had elapsed and had me wondering when i would get relief and put into the new device. Finally on Sunday afternoon after weeks of teasing and orally pleasuring Her, the time arrived. i found myself naked and secured to the bed. She unlocked the cage, bathed and shaved me, doing all She could to prolong my agony. Finally the sex began which turned into a marathon affair. She made sure i was drained dry after which we rested awhile. She then bathed me with a cloth and i bathed Her with my tongue. Another rest period followed, after which She got up to gather all that She needed to rechastise me.

She lubricated the tube with coconut oil, easily fit the ring around my cock and balls, attached a noosed cord behind my cockhead and pulled my shaft through the tube. The small top loop was fitted over the male part of the ring and before shutting it, placed a drop of super glue in the female slot of the ring! She then made the connection, gave a firm tug to the cord so as to ease the noose from my trapped member. She waited to make sure the glue dried and released me. It hit me as i stood up that there are only 2 ways out of this device, break it or wait until the glue joint gives out! i also realized that in order to urinate, which i now had to do, would have to be done sitting. At least with the cage, i could maneuver my cock to the side and urinate standing. Also with the cage, i had the subtle pleasure of at least touching my flesh and maintaining some sense of being male.

After i finished in the bathroom and blotting up the inside of the tube, She handed me a pair of women's panties. She had read one of your correspondents letters that indicated now that Her hubby had to pee like a woman, he needed the crotch protection in the right place. It was decided that i needed the same. After we dressed, we sat down to discuss the future. my new device is being referred to as "Destiny" due to the fact that we don't know when it will be removed. She also handed me a draft of our contract for chastity, which led to negotiating the finer points before signing. It contains most of the elements as seen in the various contracts on your site. It has an out clause, renewable yearly and gives Her the option of having sex with someone else, just in case i am not available when Her desire requires action.

It has been over 2 weeks secured in this new device and the glue joint is holding strong. It has been mentally torturous. As a footnote, my Wife/Mistress wanted me to explain the value of the ball separator strap. Many letters telling of escape from cages and tubes probably could have been prevented with this feature. i have tried to escape, but the strap holds the device quite firm against the base of the shaft. Obviously one can get out of most devices with destructive measures, but then perhaps chastity is not really the lifestyle for them. There must be an element of willingness to do this, therefore accept it. At this time i am willingly enjoying the lifestyle albeit frustrating as hell yet exciting to ponder what is next. Only my Wife and "Destiny" know the answer.


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