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Submitted by: Robin

Thanks for a fun and exciting site. Perhaps I had been enjoying it too much and had forgotten to wipe the history trail that aol so conveniently provides. My Wife, bless her heart, discovered my interest and after a hot session of sex, asked me about it. Being a good husband, I confessed the thought of chastity did indeed interest me. I had no idea that she had been doing some investigation of her own and liked the idea VERY much.

One of my hobbies involves working with leather crafts and she suggested that perhaps i could fashion a device similar in design to the Bird Cage. Like an idiot, i went to work on it a couple of days later. The first couple of attempts were not very good in that they did not provide the security she wanted. I finally came up with the idea of attaching a ball divider strap and dipping the device in Plast-Dip.

nt000412.jpg A couple of weeks later, it was ready for a "test drive". I was told to shave my genitals and prepare to give her the key. This was a Friday night, a typical night when we have sex and figured i would get some before the locking. Wrong! I was locked up until Sunday evening, at which time we had great sex. This weekend pattern went on for over a month at whgich time she decided we would try a whole week of chastity. Actually from Friday night to the following Sunday night. To her thinking, the 10 day trial run was a great success.

It has now been two weeks that i have been secured and was told to communicate my status to you, including a picture she took (attached). So, here i am following her orders. A contract is in the wind now. It seems she has been doing a lot of research and is deciding on some professional type of device. i am not sure what is going to happen or when i will be released again, but felt i better follow her orders.

I still enjoy your site, however not as intimately as i had been doing. My cock belongs to her now and all i can do is hope for some release soon.

Sign me: Robin

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