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Submitted by: The Experimenter

Since I stumbled across your web site last summer, I've been in search of the ultimate user-wearer friendly male chastity device that is comfortable, compact, secure, prevents stimulation and full erections, nonmetallic, easy to maintain, and could be worn for indefinite periods of time.

The main reason for my interest was my wife felt I needed an attitude adjustment since we were having numerous disagreements and I wasn't being very attentive to her wants and needs. We would fight and things would be sour for most of the week and then she would go on her weekly business trips of 2 to 4 days with the kids while I would sometimes take and drop her off at the location and return home alone and then masturbate. Since we have a hectic lifestyle and long hours (both of us self-employed), sex once or twice a week is a lot and getting off myself on weekends kept me satisfied and then when she would return, I wasn't very attentive or responsive and we started growing apart.

I finally took a deep breath and had a sit down discussion with her and confessed of my activities and then introduced her to your web site. I knew she would flip-out since I knew that she has no interest in BD-SM and she also knows of my previous marriage which included those activities and this looks like it's in that realm (it is) but I wanted her to see it in a different light (the way I'm looking at male chastity now) since I do have so much time alone, bad habits are hard to break and our relationship was heading down a bad road. She finally agreed to give it a try and I presented her with my first homemade version I had made that weekend.

The small beltless designs I tried (tube with attached ring) gave problems of comfort, bulge, etc. I finally gave up and then custom cast a silicone and PVC with a belt design that just got too complicated for security (getting out) and the possibility of injuries from not being able to do a visual inspection and cleanliness was also a problem after a few days, interest then waned, then I got this brainstorm in January and started back at it again. I think I've read every article and checked out every model (homebuilt and produced) on this website! What really got me going was in the one letter where the writer stated that he hadn't found a device yet that escape or ejaculation wasn't impossible.

Well, its been like this: changed this, changed that, try this, try that, break it -- make another, got complicated, simplified, too hard to duplicate, try another, add a piece, modify, ouch, try again, wear test, readjust, examine, figure, drive, sit, chores, pee, shower, pull, escape, try, try, try..... A one piece design did work well for me, but the probability of over opening and breaking it at the bending point was too great to share with others, I also wanted a snap-shut feature so fumbling with a lock wasn't a problem and ease of custom adjustments. I have also conceived a template to send for the wearer's custom measurements so that any adjustments to the basic device are at a minimum.

Finally - HERE IT IS!

A two piece unit that has a single lock, stays in place, comfortable, easy on and off (seconds), can be customized by user for shaft length, diameter, and ball and sac variations with the use of a dremmel tool, sandpaper and or heat gun.

There is some sac stretching involved that I quickly got used to, there is NO possible way to escape or stimulate, non-restricted urine flow, can cross legs, wear tight jeans, lay on your belly on the floor, put it on yourself or put it on someone.

If you can place your flaccid penis between your balls as a separator and point it to the rear and touch the balls together on the top side, that's the basic position of restraint.

The slots on the top halves are close enough to prevent a ball from slipping in through but enough clearance for the skin and ball cords for blood circulation and movement. The top plate ball divider pushes the penis down into the tube and also prevents pulling the penis out through the top half of base plate. The top half of the top plate pushes the balls down to the tube opening and with the sac skin stretched across the bottom half of the base plate opening the penis cannot be removed from under the bottom side and if there was a possibility, an erection would be very painful, also the narrow side slots and the balls pushed down to the tube opening prevent escape through the sides.

n000301a.jpg n000301b.jpg n000301c.jpg

On the model I'm wearing and as pictured, the side slots are 3/8" wide 2.25" long (between top and bottom plates), base plate hole is 1.75" wide 2.25" high, separator bar is 1" wide at it's narrowest point, the penis tube is 1.125" inside diameter open bottom (u-shaped with the receiver tube making up the bottom part of the penis tube), tube length is about 2". This works for my approximate 1 x 4 flaccid leaving about .5" gap inside at the end of the tube and the tip just touches the end when the device is pressed tight against the body. By removing more on the top plate top half, a longer flaccid penis (up to about an inch longer on this model) can be accommodated, other custom lengths should present no problem. The base plate angle is set so it slightly rocks on the pelvic bone for tight contact and so it allows some movement and keeps the ball stretching to a minimum. The tube diameters can be changed with a heat gun as well as the base angle. The side slots can be sanded more open on the top plate to ensure they are loose enough for free movement and to prevent blue skin, the base plate hole can also be increased. I've added a bead of silicone to the most recent unit I've made to see how durable it is and if it adds to comfort in any way, the rounded buffed edges of the PVC have not cut the skin at all, very slight sanding on the top halves here and there has also increased comfort tremendously, I mark the spots with a marker after an hour or so of wearing before removal for adjustment.

Sitting to pee is required unless you don't mind the possibility of splash-back out from the sides, the most the device can be pulled from the body is limited to the amount of sac skin stretch and rotation of 180 degrees is possible for inspection and maintenance.

Different belt configurations could easily be added to the base plate for more restriction, security and tightness. Other custom effects can also be added, i.e., holes, rings, conductors, full front shield, closed end sides, dildoe receiver, or even multiple interchangeable top plates having different effects added to each, the idea is CUSTOM.

At this point I feel I've achieved my goal and will proceed with a patent on the basic design. I'm am looking for someone who may want to purchase my design templates, manufacturing procedures and specifications to mass produce the device.

If someone is interested in acquiring one of these, they can contact me via e-mail. I have no idea what kind of response this may generate, it's new, it's real, simple and secure!!! I know of some personal friends and other people who could utilize one of these to keep their husbands / boyfriends in check. Mrs. Clinton?!

The Experimenter -

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