Nebelring - New Home Built Design

Submitted by: Nebel

Dear Altairboy:

I have been interested in CB's since I found your site several years ago, because of the expense of comercial belts I made my own.

The enclosed photos show the results of my third belt and latest experiment with tubes. I make my belts out of 22 ga. stainless steel, edged with plastic auto door protector, tubes are stainless steel, 1 3/8 in. slightly flattened to oval shape with a top deflector, and added security ring. The addition of the ring really makes a snug belt very secure while constantly forcing the penis into the tube. The tube is completly open at the bottom, and because my penis is at the bottom, urination is very easy with little cleanup and no urine smell even after several days.

n000222f.jpg n000222e.jpg n000222d.jpg

n000222c.jpg n000222b.jpg n000222a.jpg

I dip coat the tube with Plastisol as well as the bottom of the shield and part of the chains for comfort.

I purchased the lock at a locksmith supply company. It is commonly used for coin boxes on laudromat washers. They cost about $7. I modified it by re-machining it. It was an inch long to start with and I trimmed it back to a half inch. I then re-tapped the thread to a 8-32.

Wearing the belt is easy, a shoelace is required to pull the penis through the ring into the tube, I use Vaseline to lubricate both the tube and my penis. the sliding bar keys into the front peg on the top of the tube, and everything is locked on with a tubular lock, escape is impossible. I freely offer my designs to any belt makers who wish to use them, all I ask is we refer to the extra ring as a "Nebelring" pardon my Wagnerian Opera humor. I will send in a pic of me in my belt later.

Best wishes to all locked males or females.


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