Chastilock plus plus

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Last weekend my wife I visited a friend who lives in a naturist community. My wife advised me that she had a special treat for me. This is one of the perils of being married to a waoman with engineering skills.

The treat is another unit that is padlocked firmly around my balls and engages the chastilock. She saw a medieval weapon and patterned it after that - she wanted to make it look as barbaric and fiendish as possible.

At the friend's home I disrobed and the device and the chastilock were installed.

n000212a.jpg n000212b.jpg n000212c.jpg
It is a heavy steel clamp that locks frimly around my balls and is supported by them and my penis.

For this weekend I was to introduce myself as her eunuch and if asked point out the fact that my wife was wearing the key on achain around her neck..

After a few shocked faces no seemed to notice anymore. One pretty young lady asked my is I was really a eunuch, I had to explain, "no, only when I'm locked into this."

She asked to look closer at the device as she wanted something for her cheating boy friend.

My wife gave her approval so I stood as three women handled, teased and prodded. For the rest of the evening my wife borrowed a dog leash from our host and led me around at a party "so we wouldn't get separated."

On Sunday my wife demanded an erotic massage and a foot rub, followed by some intense oral stimulation. Now that is the ultimate tease - you are bringing the woman you love to an orgasm and yet you can not do anything.

Now, I know how a palace eunuch must have felt surrounded by beautiful women. It was fun, erotic as hell

Sunday evening she unlocked me at a party and at the request of our host bent over and had me prove that I was not a true eunuch by making love to her on the spot. Needless to say having been restrained and teased for three days, I was up for it!


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