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Hello Altairboy:

I stumbled across your site about two weeks ago. I had no idea that the concept for enforced chastity would fire my imagination and libido as it did. I did a lot of reading at your site and after reading the home built articles I made a trip to Lowes and Walmart for raw materials. I'm sitting here securly (or as secure as plastic will allow anyway) locked in my creation. Its been 19 hours now... I doing ok really....

I actually slept well once I got to sleep. This weekend is my first trial run in my belt I gave my wife/mistress the keys at 7 pm last night. before this I tried it for about 6 hours, then redesigned how the belt attaches and added padding. What I built is basically a plastic tollyboy design minus the front shield. It is cheap and effective, I am told that if I cut my way out or try to circumvent the belt I will get " a thrashing I will not soon forget". I kinda expected to be let out last night, but my wife decided that I needed more time to appreciate my situation - though she said if I was a good boy today, I may get out tonight...

This thing drove me nuts at first, I was in a constant state of semi arousal but this morning I barely noticed it - except when I was awakened this morning with the mourning erection/extreme need to pee conundrum. Everything came out OK once I managed to calm myself some.

I have several reasons for putting myself in this situation. Primarly to help me learn self control, to focus my energies and to learn how best to please my wife. Not to mention there are more than a few bad habits that my wife wants to break. We have not yet written up a contract ( still in testing phase, but I fear this design is working out too well ).

I had to try somethig cheap before making a major investment in a commercially built belt. The thought of my being locked in steel and really unable to escape is a turn on and a little scary too. My first forray out in public was interesting. I was very aware of the belts presence and I was afraid I was walking bow legged. But, my wife tells me that it is not noticable.

In conclusion, I want to thank you for all the great information. I dunno where this is going, but i think it will be a part of my life from now on.

I'll let you know how things go from here. Please do not post my name or e-mail but other than that I am willing to share my adventure as it unfolds.

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