My Home Built Kali's Teeth Bracelet

Submitted by: Tom

Hello Altairboy:

I made my own KTB and found it to be a very effective instrument of chasity.

I decided to masturbate with it on and the results here quite painful. If my results are indicitive of the results of others I would say that it is imposible to masturbate without totally brutilizing your penis. As soon as i started to get an erection the teeth started to bite into my penis and my thoughts turned to getting soft as quickly as possible. I had only achieved a particle erection and the result of the biting teeth left my penis with six bleeding cuts, all on the underside.

When I first put it on it was uncomfortable, but soon I forgot about it. That is when i thought.."this isn't too bad", i think i will masturbate and see if it can stop mistake.


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