Helpful Information for Building Chastity Devices

Submitted by: Cynetta

Dear Altairboy,

I read Picot's ideas about a HM CB. I have to fully admidt, I don't understand his design concepts.

That said, I wish to bring a few facts to all Home Built CB enthusiasts:

1. The white plastic used to fabricate drain fittings found at your local supply or hardware store, is quite weak and easily cracks when stressed.

2. Much stronger plastic fittings are available at your electrical and plumbing dealers. You want PVC conduit from the electrical store and GRAY (NOT white) PVC pipe from the plumbing store. At the plumbing store, two thicknesses are available, schedule 40 and twice as thick, schedule 80. Take a look at 1-1/4 & 1-1/2 inch "sweeps" at the electrical store.

3. Both these plastics have some very useful qualities for the HB CB enthusiasts:

3. Stainless steel hardware can be obtained from a store that caters to the boating enthusiast. Hasps, hinges, screws, rivits, rings, chain, padeyes (these are usefull U shaped pieces straightened out with a hole in each end for a screw or rivet). They should also have very good "Marine-grade" padlocks in a choice of sizes (If it stands up to salt water, you stand a good chance it will hold up to urine). AVOID!!!!! (can't stress this enough) any hardware that is PLATED (the plateing is going to come off quickly), any hareware that says "Die Cast" (this is a zinc alloy or aluminum) and anything brass. Get solid stainless or bronze, thiugh bronze will corrode, it is not nearly as bad as brass or die cast.

4. In stainless you'll get a choice of two different alloys, Type 304, or Type 316/316L. 304 is cheaper and more readily available in a greater variety of stuff. 316 is more corrion resistant and will take a mirror polish that can not be acheived with 304.

I hope this information helps everyone interested.


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