A Lock Design for Home Chastity Belt Makers

Submitted by: Anonymous

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To enhance Bondisan's Chastity Belt design, I have designed a locking device for his belt similar to the original Tollyboy design. Like the Bondisan Belt, the locking device is made of easily acquired materials and is very inexpensive.

The Tollyboy lock is less sophisticated than it appears and a comparable device was pretty straight forward to build. This is a side view drawing.


I started with a twin pack of padlocks keyed alike (one thing Bondisan forgot from the Tollyboy design is the rear shield - that is what the second lock is for). I used "Excel" brand brass padlocks bought at K-Mart for $ 2.99. Next I got a pair of 5/16 inch Serrated Lock Nuts from the local hardware store (about 50 cents), two 1/4-20 flare head machine screws (oversize head so it won’t pull thru the sheet metal - 19 cents each), and two 1/4-20 T-Nuts (I used the longer type that you press into wood and bent down the prongs - 25 cents each).

The first step is to file down the lock nut to fit inside the shackle of the padlock. You will have to file one side concave slightly, and put notches in the top 3 corners. Next file down the bottom edge so that the lock will close. Once this is complete, drill the hole in the nut large enough (I used a 19/64 inch drill bit) so that it will over the T-Nut. Next, find a small flat head nail (I used a 1-1/2 inch nail about 1/8 inch in diameter) and drill a hole large enough for the nail, from the bottom of the serrated nut, up thru the top of the nut. Cut the nail to length, and file the nut enough so that you can insert the nail and still close the padlock. This completes the lock assembly

Next drill a hole thru the back half of the belt for the 1/4-20 machine screw and screw the T-Nut down over the machine screw. When this assembly is in place, drill holes thru the other half of the belt and front shield and put them in place. Next place the nut over the T-Nut (wide serrated part out) and measure where the hole thru the T-Nut needs to go. Drill a hole for the pin thru the T-Nut and machine screw (you may need to put a flat washer or two behind the nut). Assemble the completed lock and check for functionality. Last, you can epoxy the machine screw and T-Nut in place to the belt to make sure that it won’t turn or work loose.

With some fine tuning, you should have an operational version of the Tollyboy lock. With the large part of the nut going to the outside of the belt, it makes it almost tamper proof. If you check with your local hardware store (smaller ones especially) some of the parts are available in stainless steel.

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