Australian Home Made Stainless Steel Chastity Belt

Submitted by: Anonymous in Australia

Hello Altairboy:

First, let me say I am not in the business, but I have made several chastity devices for others, [to their own designs], all at no charge, as I enjoy making them.

aus3b.jpg aus3c.jpg

This is the chastity belt I wore to the Dressing For Pleasure Ball about four years ago. It is all stainless steel, with smooth rolled edges. I find this better than using rubber like on other cb's, as the rubber tends to stick to the body more than the polished metal.

aus3d.jpg The black and white shot shows the inside view. The tube contains the penis completely, right down to the base. It is a firm fit, being slightly smaller in diameter than the penis at it's smallest. The penis has to be pulled through with a piece of fine cord. The hole in the end of the tube is about 3/8 inch diameter, and lines up exactly with the eye. Urine comes out clean, without touching the tube.

You can see that it is held on with stainless steel rivets that are very difficult to remove. On later units, we used alloy rivets where the belt joins in the center of the back so they could be drilled out by someone else.

While at the DFP Ball, I was asked to show my c/b to a friend of Marie Constance. We went into a private room where she had a real good look. When she saw it was riveted on, she almost had an orgasm.

I was then asked to show it to several others. They could not believe it was riveted on in Australia and could not be removed. They immediately wanted to have their males fitted with one [permanently].

I explained that knowing how much time it takes to fit my own, it would be impossible, as it has to be worn then altered many times before it can be finally fitted, and then you have to watch your weight, a few extra pounds and everything tightens up.

One woman wanted a c/b with the penis stored up vertically, so I made one for an experiment.

During my trip to the USA, I went through security 4 times. Each time, before going through the detector, I told one of the security people that I was wearing a metal brace for health reasons and asked them what they wanted to do about it, like have a look etc.,

Out of Australia was OK. In Los Angeles they held me up for a while, deciding if they should take a look, but they were happy to feel it with their detector. In Boston, they ran their gadget over it, had a giggle, and let me go. Back in LA it was very busy. They asked me to wait for about 15 minutes. When the boss came, he asked me if I got the device in Australia or in the USA and then let me through.

The top edge of the 18swg waist band was done in a sheet metal folding machine. The back piece has both edges folded,

The rest of the c/b is edged with chrome plated automotive trim, the inside is bare metal, polished where possible.

The rivets were put in by my wife the day before I left for the USA. It took quite some time as the rivets were ones I made from stainless steel, not like pop rivets, but solid ones. I was away 18 days. When my wife picked me up from the airport, she asked how my belt was going. I said I was getting so used to it that some times I forgot I had it on.

She said good, we do not need to take it off then, do we? She removed the rivets, with much trouble a few days later.

Some of the chastity devices I made for people in the US, were made to go on with special screws that had two heads. When you tightened them, the top broke off leaving a counter sunk head with no way of removing it. They are impossible to drill out as they are made of a very hard steel.

The one I am wearing now is even better. Though it is quite tight, being a perfect fit (after MANY slight modifications), it is very comfortable. It does not restrict me in any except for having to sit down to pee. At first it felt odd not being able to touch anything, but now I have gotten used to it. It is easy to clean under the shower, then drying the parts I can not get at with a hair dryer.

I will have some photos taken of this new model soon, and send them to you. Once you are put into one of these belts, there is absolutely no chance of sex or erections. All it does is get tighter inside the tube.

Anonymous in Australia

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