Home homemade chastity belt

Submitted by: George

Hi Altairboy:

I mentioned to you, a while back, that I had made a chastity belt from an athletic-supporter cup. I've taken some Polaroids of it, and of me wearing it. As you can see from the pictures, the components are:

george01.jpg george03.jpg george04.jpg

Two holes in the cup are filed so the shackle will fit through both of them. The shackle is fitted around the balls and the cup-cylinder combo is fitted over the ends that stick up alongside the scrotum, with the penis slipped into the bottle. The lock is then put on the shackle and tightened to comfort (or slight discomfort, as you like). A part of the lower inner end of the plastic cylinder is cut off to allow drainage of urine--and there you are! The apparatus is held in place by the balls--the shackle cannot be slipped past them. One can wear this apparatus, fairly comfortably, for many hours, perhaps days.

You are welcome to post this information and pictures, and you can mention my name.


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