Home Made Chastity Belt

Submitted by: Elmo

Hi Altairboy: Here is a description of my home made Chastity Belt.

I used an old car seat belt as the belt part of a CB. It is the type that you raise the buckle to unlatch. I drilled through the buckle so that a padlock goes through preventing the opening of the buckle.

The padlock may be locked through the buckle first or after the buckle is buckled. After buckling, the tag end of the belt may be pulled to tighten the belt.... very handy to get the CB on and then get the belt very tight. Just to make sure that this is a one way process, I have also put a 1/4" id grommet at the tag end of the belt and another grommet through the belt that lines up with the first grommet when pulled tight.

A second padlock goes through the two grommets. This lock is located at my side and provided a good point to attach a cuff. There is a second grommet on the opposite side for the second cuff so that your hands may be secured to your sides.

A leather "V" with a hole sized for my cock and balls is in the front ending in a chain that goes between the legs and up to where it is padlocked to the rear center of the belt. I have reinforced the belt at the rear with a piece of steel about 8" long by the width of the belt with a hole for the rear padlock. The steel is pop riveted to the belt. This keeps the belt located around the waist at the rear. Without the steel, the belt pulls down at the rear attachment point.

The chain is used for anchorage of a butt plug that been modified with an "I" bolt for the chain to pass through. A steel cover locks posts on the leather "V" in front with two small padlocks encapsulating the cock and balls. So, you have a combo CB and bondage belt with removable front cover for play. This is not designed for long time wear, but for bondage and play. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the belt.

I can send you information on other designs at another time.

(tickled describing one of my belts)

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