Andy goes to Court

Submitted by: Andy

Hi Altairboy:

I had an interesting problem today. I had to go to the local courthouse to file some corporate papers. I have done this lots of times before, but never with my home built chastity belt on. I discovered when I arrived that they had installed new metal detectors for security. gulp...

I had to file the papers myself. There was no way around it. The expected happened when I walked through the detector. I thought about making up a story about having a hip replacement, but decided to just tell it like it was. I asked to speak to the security officer alone.

I explained that I was wearing my metal chastity belt, and that I could not take it off. He said he needed to check with his supervisor. Standing there embarrassed and kind of red faced, I had to wait. A surly gentleman approached and said he needed to see what was setting off the detector. I briefly explained. He said he still needed to see it.

We went to the men's room and I dropped my trousers. He examined the belt closely and then seemed to take an interest other than professional in it. He said he and his wife were "in the scene" and asked where he could get one like I was wearing, but for a woman. I explained that I made my own, was making them on the side and he wrote me a check for a belt.

I was quite relieved and it was refreshing to run into someone who was into B&D and not at all what I was expecting - which was ridicule.

I could make belts for others, but I think what I must charge for my time is more than most will pay. Although, I can provide a fast turn around. I am asking 650 US Dollars for a custom made belt, and I can turn them around inside 3 weeks. If you know of anyone looking, send them my way. :)

Everything else is going well. I am looking forward to Christmas and a bit of freedom, but it is not as important to me as satisfying my wife. By that I mean that I am much more focused on my relationship with my wife than the act of sexual relief. The play is as much fun as the physical sex.

My wife has begun talking of a more permanent belt. One without a lock, to be riveted! We'll see.....


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