Home Built Chastity Cage

Submitted by: Anonymous in North Europe

Hi Altairboy !!

When I received word from Walter that my CB would not be delivered until Aug-98, I did not know what to do. Finally I decided to try to build something myself during my wait.

I ended up with a copy of the birdcage (Now I am at version 1.3, improvment will be made to 1.4)

When I am fully satisfied with my construction, I will mail you the details. Then you can decide wheter you will publish it or not.

My version 1.3 is rather ugly but very comfortable. The next version will be more nicer.

Though the final model will look very evilish compared with the SCC Birdcage. It will look like it really hurts all the time, but it only hurts when it is suposed to do. Maybe somebody likes when it looks evilish.

I think that the "birdcage" model fills another purpose then the bigger models (AD,GB,WJ), The Birdcage model add the pain when your horny. My Mistress encourage me to improve this model she likes it when its a small device. I am hoping that she will allow me to swith between different CB's in the future. (My Birdcage Copy, AD and WG).

When I feel that I have got a really good design (a couple of weeks) I will try to do some drawings and send them over to you. I don't have a scanner so I will have to faxile them over to you.

I have some difficulty in finding the right english name of the material.

There is one problem with the cage. You see, I cannot control my morning hardness at all, it takes about 15 minutes before my member gets back in normal size. During this 15 minutes in hurts A LOT. Anyhow, when my member is in normal size I cannot feel the device at all. This weekend I will wear it for friday evening to monday morning for a test period. I will get back with my feedback.

Thanks for your lovely work and all the inspiration.

Anonoumus in North Europe

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