My Plastic Chastity Device - Part II

Submitted by: MT

Dear AB,

I suppose by now you thought I'd given up, actually I did for awhile. But in the back of my mind I kept turning over ideas. This week has seen the completion of two different prototypes. The first is basically a knockoff off the WG belt, downward curved penis tube with front shield. The difference is my penis tube is made of plastic. The bottom piece encircles about 2/3 of the penis, making insertion easy. The front shield and top third of the penis tube are one piece of molded plastic that snaps onto the bottom portion of the tube. Unfortunately, this design still depends upon tight straps to be secure, I really dislike the feeling that I'm cutting myself in half with the straps. A rigid belt does reduce the pressure required, but I need more development of this part of the design.

However, I wonder if there would be any heat rash problems with a rigid belt. It seems to me that the waist band must be tight, and that could cause problems.

The second design is the one I currently favor. For several reasons, chief among them, My Lady finds it more appealing. It is a two piece mold that again encases both my scrotum and penis. All the previous designs I tried, required you to insert your genitalia through an opening of varying width. However I found, that if you could insert your genitalia through a hole, nothing could prevent you from pulling it out again, unless you cut deep grooves into your body by tightening the straps.

So this time I designed an opening of 1.5 inches in diameter, too small for me to insert myself through. Then I molded left and right pieces, each containing part of the opening.

The two parts snap together. There are three points at which a chain can be inserted. One at the top of the opening, one at the bottom, and one just behind the head of the penis. At the moment I'm using cable ties instead of chains and locks. As we discussed some time ago, a seal impressed into epoxy putty should be adequate security. The ties connect the points at the top and bottom of the opening, the point just behind the head of the penis is used to anchor a strap that goes around the shaft of the penis. There is no need for another tie point below this one. The shape of the mold will hold it in place. There is a gap at the bottom of the testicle compartment, as well as air holes, so near normal evaporation should occur, of course if some one with larger testicles tried this they would close the gap in a hurry. The penile compartment is 3.5 inches long, of which 1.5 inches extends beyond the scrotal area. Urination is through a .5 inch diameter tube at the end of the penile shaft, so far I haven't pissed on my testicles. In fact, most often I have a near normal stream.

The circumference of the penile shaft is 11 centimeters, about 4.25 inches. The largest circumference of the testicle compartment is 19 centimeters, about 7.5 inches. This translates into a rough diameter of 1.5 inches and 2.75 inches respectively. This is intentionally a bit large. I had way to many pinches on earlier attempts at this design to try and make it an exact fit. The left portion of the mold covers about 2/3rds of the total width of my genitalia, this also helps to reduce pinches. Scrotal skin is incredibly floppy, movable and sensitive! The right portion covers the other 1/3rd and overlaps the left by up to 1.5 inches at it's widest overlap(at the bottom of the testicles). The overlap is dictated by making sure the attachment points form "snaps", and ease of cutting the final shape :) The only reason that the left side is the larger, is that I'm left handed, and I found it easier to do it that way. Basically I hold the left portion of the device in my hand, and position myself into the device. Then I snap the top two attachment points together, then I *carefully* push my scrotal skin into the device and snap the bottom closed. Then I attach the cable ties.

In my initial trails, (with much larger diameter penile shafts) I discovered that I could still get mostly erect, and possibly could even masturbate, so I added a waist belt and four straps coming off the device, two in front and two to the rear, this is solely to reduce possible movement of the device. The straps don't have to cut me in half to be effective, they merely reduce the amount of travel that the device can achieve. I have not tried to masturbate with the latest and smallest version. This is my third mold of this design, each time the penile shaft gets smaller :( It seems my eyes are bigger than at least one thing.

I am now using a 1/8 thick co-polymer polypropalene. It's milky white, but it forms easier and with greater detail. It's very smooth, so walking produces absolutely no irritation to my thighs, in fact I rather enjoy the sensation.

By the way, it might be possible to ride a bicycle in this thing, but Lycra pants are out. It's low profile, but I'm not a magician. It is undetectable in baggy pants, and in my tight(not very) jeans, it appears I'm well endowed, so old girlfriends would be suspicious :)

More later, MT

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