Robert's Composite Chastity Device

Submitted by: Robert

I have been fascinated by LeashWoof's fictional Vgard device, and have done some experimentation and research on my own to see if it is possible to create such a device for the ADULT male population.

After a number of tests beginning with stiff cardboard, moving on to PVC and Plastics, I feel that such a device could be made rather inexpensively, and still be very secure and tamper-proof.

My current prototype consists of a carbon-fiber/PVC mix waistbelt with (currently) nylon posts and snaps to hold it in place. Attached is the belly plate made up of 2 pieces of 1/8" thick semi-rigid PVC with a .025 piece of sheet metal sandwiched in between. This assembly is heat-welded together to hold the sheet metal in position and prevent separation. The leg straps are also made out of the carbon-fiber/PVC material and can be shaped to conform to the anatomy of the wearer, if needed (working on different ideas for this). All parts are covered with a thin layer of neoprene for comfort and to make cleaning easier.

The cup is heat-formed from 1/8" reinforced plastic and is very rigid and strong. I am not using the drainage condom idea LeashWoof discussed, due to problems with cleaning and such. Instead, the cup incorporates a lined and perforated tube into which the member is inserted. Drainage is thru a small opening on the bottom of the cup, and can be equipped to accept tubing to a leg bag, if desired. On the side of the cup is a fitting for the insertion of a small tube to flush out the cup and keep the area clean.

In my wearings, cleaning is not a problem, and a small squirt bottle, used to flush the cup after urination, is all that is needed to prevent odors. On this prototype, the cup is attached with snaps, but I'm working on an attachment system that is internal and, once snapped home, would be unremovable without great difficulty or specialized tools. I have worn the prototype for periods of 3-4 days without any detection or problems.

Based on the current stage of development, the device could be made and sold for about $300-400. A female model is in the works, but working out a way to handle both urination and monthly periods is taking more time than anticipated. The female model would probably run in the $250-350 range.

If things work out, the male model could be ready to market in 4-6 months, with the female model about 1-2 months later.

I am open to suggestions, comments and questions. I'll get photos of the prototype to Altairboy in a few days so you can see what I am working on.

WannaBelt (probably should change it to GottaBelt soon...)

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