KTB by Ken - Part 2

Submitted by: Ken

I have made and tested several versions of the previously described plastic KTB.

A "mild" ( 1" clearance) version using (unfilled) steel tacks & 1 1/2" pipe demonstrated two points.

The severe version has not fallen off when installed near the base of the shaft. However this is not a guarantee!

Most of my testing and wearing of the KTB has been with the so called severe version (3/4" clearance) using with 7/16" copper tacks & 1" pipe connector. It takes some care and practice to install. One must be fairly relaxed and careful not to catch the skin in the hinged or closing gaps.

If pinching occurs between the closing spikes, it can usually be corrected by depressing the skin on both sides of the installed KTB. In any event pinching is not desirable. (A 1 1/2" I.D. pipe version is easier to install, but more bulky to wear.) Upon proper installation, a small amount of pain will be felt which quickly passes. If not, pinching has probably occurred.

16 hours of wearing is no problem, with various sensations occurring during the period. Needless to say, a strong pain appears if one becomes interested in whatever one is interested in. Sometimes a little itch like sensation is felt. With a mind elsewhere, one can completely forget the KTB's presence. If it shifts or snags it will remind you of being there. If installed so it hangs down i e. the shaft or all equipment hanging out of the fly, etc. an interesting "pulling" sensation will be felt from time to time. Any downward pull can only be the result of a total weight of 1 1/2 oz.

On wearing a KTB overnight, it was tried once for evaluation. Results were as would be predicted, sharp pain and awakening during rapid eye movement. On reflection, there is probably a good reason for nightly erections and if this is so, no device should be worn that interferes with these natural occurrences. My guess is, this should include any type of chastity belt. For example, if the belt uses a penis tube, the tube should have an inside diameter of at least 1 1/2" and have a provision to point it in a northern direction at night to maintain health.

There is little doubt that using a 1" width KTB will stop conventional sex. However, manual sex is possible and might be occasionally considered fun by a "weekend" masochist. A "real" masochist might even continually enjoy it. To prevent this, a KTB version could be made with the length of pipe cut long enough to completely cover an interested member.

Alternate locking might be accomplished by using a hose clamp and drilling through the screw shaft to insert a wire seal. Another possibility would be to use two screw eyes at the closing edges with a plate inserted over them and a lock through the eyes. I have not tried these.

Removal of the KTB after hours of wearing is very "interesting". It feels like it has been lightly glued to the shaft. After removal, the shaft initially looks a little like a waffle iron. The glued feeling gets stronger and lasts for a while, then slowly goes away. Wearing a KTB may be habit forming! On a day off, the KTB can be missed!

Regards - KTB Ken

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