Home Built KTB by Ken

An inexpensive, easy to fabricate and effective Kali's Teeth Bracelet can be made from plastic pipe and tacks. For the pipe, cut off appx. 1" of either 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" inside diameter pipe. An alternate to the pipe is a connector for 1" plastic pipe., which has an inside diameter of appx. 1 1/4" and OD of 1 5/8". It has the advantage of not having to buy a long section of pipe.

For the tacks, there is a wide assortment of lengths and metals available. 7/16" & 1/2" copper tacks are easy to work with.They may even help with arthritis if that old wive's tale is true. Escutcheon pins also work; solid brass would be a good choice. Using a 1" section of pipe connector is described below:

Pick a drill size slightly smaller than the diameter of the tack's shank. A 1/16" or 5/64" drill works fine for the 7/16" tack. Drill rows of 5 holes across the pipe with a total of 18 to 20 rows. Drill straight down toward the center, rotating the pipe as you go.

Next cut the pipe in half with a thin saw producing 2 clam shells.. Get a small hinge (3/4" brass are available) and drill holes for screws to attach it to hinge the clam shells. Work around to tack holes for proper spacing. Now insert the tacks and drive them tight with a hammer. Hold the plastic pipe down against a metal plate while hammering to give a firm surface.

A couple of swipes of the tack on a file before installation will easily remove the very sharp point, especially from a copper tack. This will eliminate bleeding during wearing. In the area of the hinge screws, filing down the head of the tack may be needed to allow the screw access. Now put on the hinge.

A hasp can be added for a lock, or an elastic like ponytailers can be used if wearing for fun (or arthritis) is the objective. The 7/16" tacks produce the so called severe version of the ktb. Most instructions say to insatll the ktb at the mid point of the penis shaft. Even then it may fall off if the penis becomes totally disinterested. For this reason it may be better to install the ktb as close to the base of the penis as possible. Every penis should try a ktb at least once and this version is affordable. I'll add additional information in the near future.

I am wearing one as I type these words. I will send you more details in a few days about my KTB plus some additional thoughts on (not) wearing while sleeping and an alternate fabrication for a true chastity belt version vs. the standardard KTB which is really a partial chastity form of the KTB.

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