Renate Describes her Belt

Hello Altairboy,

To support your interesting collection about chastity belts I want to tell you something about me and my belt.

My name is Renate, I'm 29 years old and live in the south of Germany. I'm engaged and my husband made me a stainless steel chastity belt about a half year ago. We saw some designs of cb's on your page and my husband decided to have a belt for me, too. I agreed.

The front view of the belt is similar to the Tollyboy design. It's a small waist band (about 2cm) a little bit higher about the hips and the crotch band is 5 cm wide from the waist band to the bottom. For the padlock is a hole in the front, so it does not appear in the shape of the belt. At the bottom the crotch band is rounded to have a better fit. It is nearly perfect to wear, without any problems. There is a small hole to perform bathroom duties, At the rear the band is split into two bands going over my back. The two bands are about 2 cm wide and 6 cm away from each other and go parallel from the bottom to the top. The inside of the belt is covered with latex, and the outside metal is polished to mirror shine.

My husband gave me a emergency key welded in a small plastic bag. So the key would be easily reachable in case of emergency. But, in case of misuse he told me he would keep me in the belt for one week (or maybe more) without interruption.

It is not very important to me to be able to masturbate while wearing the belt, but, because of the small hole at the bottom it is nearly impossible for me to even touch my clit with my fingers. Because of the rounded bottom the belt is very tight to the skin which makes it very hard to get something under the belt. For this reason I think the belt is 100 percent effective.

You may wonder why the skin does not get too wet under the tight belt. Most of the crotch shield has a lot of small holes (about 3 mm including the latex protection) to let air under the belt.

As I said, my husband did a good job on this belt. As I prefer to wear skirts, the belt is absolutely invisible. My husband wants me to wear the belt all over the day when he is at work. I am working, too, and at the beginning I was not sure if my colleagues wouldn't notice it and I was afraid of going to work. After a few days I got more self confidence about myself and my belt and dared to go to work. Since this time I have to wear the belt every day and I am sure nobody has noticed it.

In the morning my husband locks me into the belt shortly after I come out of the bathroom. In the summer he wanted me to come naked, wearing only the belt (we don't have children). He says he wants not only to have the control about my sexual intercourse, but also wants to see me wearing this stainless steel chastity belt.

Sometimes he removes the belt in the early evening. Mostly we make love at this time. But more and more often he lets me wear the belt the whole night and takes it off only for the short time in the bathroom at the morning. Two or three times he did not, but cleaning was too complicated then, so he gives me my freedom in the morning. The longest period of nearly permanent wear of the belt was about 8 days. I must say I had no problems to wear the cb even such a 'long' time. It fits very good around the hips, the crotch and the back so there are no serious skin problems. For the special period of the month I use tampons and it's as clean as it was before the belt.

A few days ago, my husband asked me to have some add-ons to the belt. He had the idea to have a accessory with two vibrating plugs, controlled by a remote control. I'm not very happy about this and suggested that he should wear a belt, too, before he makes any add-ons to the belt.

I think soon (too soon) we both have a chastity belt.

Regards, Renate

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