Andy Reports on Marriage and Chastity

Submitted by: Andy

Hi Altairboy,

It's been a long time since I've been in touch. Sorry for the absence. My new Bride and I had a great wedding and fantastic honeymoon. We have been very busy with work and getting things settled down to do much serious playing. But things have calmed down and we're settling into a routine.

My Wife has adopted the roll of Dom in our relationship and has decided to get back to the Chastity training. I have had very little time to make anything, so the other day she cornered me and prodded me to get my belt ready for long term use. She is very serious and plans to make this a permanent thing. Not sure how I feel about that, but for now it is exciting.

She came up with a contract regarding the belt that outlines everything that will happen. I'll send you a copy later on. Basically, I am locked in the belt at all times. The only exceptions are for cleaning and sex twice a week. On Monday and Friday nights, she will let me out, blindfolded and hands secured, for a good washing and maybe sex. Immediately after, it goes back on.

She has devised a pretty sneaky plan for keeping me in the belt. My belt is similar to the Belgian model except it has two small padlocks in front. These have matching keys. My wife got two sets of locks and got a safe deposit box at the bank. I am not authorized on the safe deposit box.

Here is the routine:

One set of locks is on the belt (which is on me). The other is at our home, unlocked. On Monday, she takes the keys to the open set and goes to the bank. She swaps them with the set that is in the box (the ones for the locks that are on the belt). That evening, she performs her scheduled cleaning and if I'm lucky, sex. After, she locks me in the belt with the second set of locks whose keys are now in the safe deposit box. This way she only has to make one trip to the bank for each cleaning. She told me that if the belt is wearing well and the additional cleanings are not needed, she will reduce it to once a week, then maybe every other week, then less - gulp.

She is not missing out on sexual activity at all. She has me service her orally and with my fingers. She says that is not as good as having me in her, but that's the way it has to be. She has also added a plate on the front of the belt which reads:


This device has been installed
To prevent masturbation and
Insure fidelity. It may only be
Removed by the owner. The wearer
Relinquishes all rights and
Control over his penis.

She affixed this tag in the center of the belt in front. It is bright white with black letters and very readable from across the room. I just hope I don't get into a car accident or something. That would be embarrassing.. :)

This is the third day of what looks to be a long sentence. I'll keep you posted on any new developments, however it looks there will not be too many. Today is Saturday, August 23, 1997 at 9:15 AM.


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