Ginny explains his/her Chastity Belt

Submitted by: Ginny

Hi Altairboy:

Not a lot new to tell you about my life locked in my belt except that I love it. I'm locked up for 23 hours and 40 minutes every day, 7 days a week, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It really feels strange when I'm out of the belt for bathing and I don't like it. I feel exposed and insecure with my belt off and I can't wait to get back into it. All of our lovemaking is done with me in the belt and it is much better for me that way. My orgasms are all internal and are absolutely fantastic.

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The Box you see attached to my Chastity Belt contains a TENS unit that my Mistress ordered me to add to the belt. It is connected to two electrodes on the inside of the penis tube. One is at the base of my penis and the other about 3/4" from the other end and they both completely encircle my penis. The switch on the box is an ON switch only. It is connected to a relay and once activated the TENS unit stays on until Mistress unlocks the box and turns it off.

Mistress allows me to turn the unit on myself for pleasure but she won't turn it off for 12 hours and by that time it has become way to much of a good thing. I don't turn the thing on myself anymore, she has control of my genitals and sex life and I'll let her decide when I need pleasure. The two jacks on the front of the box allow Mistress to connect a Relaxisizor (an Electronic Muscle Stimulator) to the electrodes in the tube. The sensations that the TENS unit creates are extremely pleasurable and Mistress uses it to arouse me and heighten my sensations during lovemaking.

At low power settings the effects from the Relaxisizor are even better than the TENS, however at higher settings the Relaxisizor becomes a punishment tool. Mistress has only used it for punishment once and I don't intend to give her reason to do it again. When she connects the Relaxisizor to me she also attaches electrodes all over the rest of my body and the feelings and sensations are wonderful. It's an electrical massage of my whole body and I have never experienced anything even remotely like it before.

The cup enclosing my balls is softly padded and once I got used to it is really quite comfortable, although I do avoid sitting in hard chairs. The tube is relatively short and it makes sitting much more comfortable. It doesn't allow much of an erection but I don't really get much of one anymore. I am now living full time as a woman.

Mistress and I (and my therapist) have about decided that I will have Sexual Reassignment Surgery and we are using my chastity belt as a final test. The last remnant of my maleness is now locked up full time and if neither of us have any problem with it being unavailable to us for the next year then we will feel that much more confident about going ahead and taking the final step of surgery. I don't have any qualms about the surgery but I want to be absolutely certain that my wife and Mistress won't miss that male part of me.

My wife and mistress has already informed me that I had better start working on the design for a female belt that I can wear after the surgery. The design should be a little easier and Mistress has said that she would like to try it out herself. I can't help but wonder what it will feel like to have a female belt locked on me with a vagina plug hooked up to the TENS unit and nestled inside me.

Mistress releases me for 20 minutes each evening for bathing and I really feel strange with my belt off. I honestly look forward to putting it back on. When I first built the belt I was more than a little apprehensive about being locked into something so confining and turning so much control over to my wife. I never dreamed that I would become so attached to that belt that's now attached to me. When my belt is off for that short period each day I feel very exposed and insecure. When she slips me back into the penis tube, secures the screws and clicks the lock shut I get the same feeling as when she takes me in her arms and says "I love you". I'm home and safe and loved.

All my best

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