The Girlfriend - A Chastity Story

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It's been almost a year now since my wife/mistress caught me masturbating to a picture of "my girlfriend" in a magazine. I was alone in our bedroom naked with baby oil all over my cock and balls. I also had tied a leather cord around my balls so tight they were a dark red. I had laid out my copies of "Leg Show" and was almost ready to cum after reading the letters and story. I had just turned to a page of a young raven hair women in a short black dress with dark stocking and 5" black patent leather fuck me pumps giving the jerk off sign with her thumb and finger in a circle, when my wife/mistress walked in!

The stare she gave me made me have chills and goose bumps all over. She grabbed the magazine and left it open where I had it opened to. Than crocked her finger for me to follow her. We went to the garage. Our toy box is located in the garage in a locked cabinet. She unlocked it and got out a pair of handcuffs, my collar, and a short chain. The handcuffs bound my hands behind my back and the collar and chain was attached around my neck. The other end of the chain was secured to a rafter above my head and I was raised to balance on my tiptoe's .

Then as I watched...... she pulled out what looked like a plumbing fixture from a box under the work bench. She than smiled and started talking for the first time since she had caught me. "I thought I would need this sooner or later.", she said as she held this thing before me. "I got the plans from a little web site I found on the internet. "Chastity Belts"! she whispered to me.

"I found the plans there for a PVC model that I had my brother make." "Your going to love it, for a long time." she smiled. "Left your leg, now the other one.", she said as she slide it up my legs. "Oh my, but we are still hard, I'll take care of that for you sweetheart." she stated as she left the garage.

When she returned she had shaving cream, a razor, and a small bag.. She untied my balls and began shaving me clean. When I was slick as a baby she took a bottle of alcohol out of the bag and poured it all over my cock and balls. Let me tell you, I danced and screamed awhile as she laughed. Just to prove what a total bitch she was, she than took out a tube of "Ben Gay" and smeared it all over my burning cock and balls.

It didn't hurt right away as she put my new CB into place. She pulled the chains around me as she pulled the penis tube downward good and tight. Her brother had made it so that the three chains meet in the rear and one lock secured it. She put the key around her neck and released me from my chained position and removed the handcuffs.

By now the Ben Gay had started to heat up inside my new penis prison! I was in hell and burning up and couldn't do a damn thing about it! My wife/mistress's really enjoying watching me suffer. She had me stand at attention in front of her in the living room as she relaxed in her easy chair. She started by telling me I was not to speak or make a sound until she gave me permission. She than started to question/lecture me in a one way conversation. She would talk like a little girl one minute and the next she was a cruel heartless bitch. She finished that night by telling me we would continue as usual but that my CB would remain on for at least 30 days be any removal would be even thought of. Also I was not to ever enter the hall closet without her permission.

The next 30 days were hell.. the chains were rubbing me and giving me a rash. My groin was raw between my legs from the plate was that mounted the PVC tube. Of course my cock was hurting from attempts to become erect. My wife/mistress made every effort to tease me every chance she got. I serviced her with my mouth at lease once a day and often several time on weekends. Going to the toilet really was not too bad. I found it easier to sit backwards on the toilet to pee since the stream shot backwards more than forward. That I cleaned in the shower with a hand held shower massage.

At the end of 30 days my wife/mistress was true to her word and told me I could remove the belt. BUT, she had a condition to do it! She had me strip naked except for my belt . After handcuffing my hands behind my back she lead me to the hall closet. When she opened the door I couldn't believe it! On the back wall was an enlarged poster of the picture she had caught me jacking off to! A large heat lamp was shinning on it to light the picture. There was also something that looked like a music microphone stand in front of it with something shinny attached to it.

My wife/mistress than pulled me closer to the poster. As I stood there she explained how my pleasure could now be obtained till she decided differently. You see, on the stand were three silver spring loaded electrical connector alligator clips. "The top two are for your nipples, or your girlfriends breasts as I call them!" "The bottom one of course is your girlfriend's pussy! It will clip on to your tender underside of your scrotum. Then you can hump and pump and fuck your wonderful girlfriend to your hearts content!"

She lead me back to the living room where I keeled before her as she continued, " You may request a date with your girlfriend anytime you wish". "You will simply say, Please Mistress may I have a date with my girlfriend."

I then began to service her with my mouth and tongue. My cock was hurting so bad for release I thought it might pop a blood vessel. I didn't sleep much that night thinking about asking for a date. By the next afternoon I gave in and got on my knees in front of my wife/mistress and said, " Please Mistress, may I have a date with my girlfriend?" She smiled and raised my chin so my eyes meet her eyes, " Of course you may, come with me", she whispered.

She took me back to the garage and chained me to the rafters as before. Then she unlocked my belt and removed the tube from my cock. She removed her clothes and started rubbing against me while kissing me and rubbing my crotch with her leg. "Too bad you don't like me, I could pump that old mean cum out of you. But you want your girlfriend more than me." She then pulled away suddenly and had the leather cord in her hand. She quickly tied my balls very tight as I had had them before.

She released my chain from the rafters but left my hands handcuffed behind my back. She lead me to the closet and stood me in front of my girlfriend. She attached the two clips to my nipples. I saw right away the stand was solid and wasn't going to move. She adjusted it so I was on my tiptoes. Then she had me move forward a little and clipped the pussy to my cock. The nipples hurt some but the pussy clip really dug in right away and I had second thoughts in a hurry. But my wife/mistress was being the total bitch and would love for me to beg so she could make me suffer even more.

She turned on the heat lamp and reminded me that there was no ventilation in the closet, so me and my girlfriend could get real hot together. She turned on a video camera that was just above and in front of me so she could review it later and humiliate me even more by letting her friends and brother watch it.

She reminded me that she had been out of the house for two hours the day she caught me jerking off. So, she would return in two hours to check on me... As I slowly started humping my girlfriend's pussy, she started laughing uncontrollably and she shut the closet door.........


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