Mt's Plexiglas Cbelt - My impressions

By: Altairboy

Note: These are some of my impressions concerning a home made CBelt made by MT out of acrylic. You can read more about this belt and how it was made here.

plx0808a.jpg plx0808b.jpg Last evening, I went out for a bicycle ride. I enjoy riding my bike for recreation, but my being belted has been a constant source of conflict for me - I can not ride while wearing my Jones or my Goethals belt. I was actually very pleased to discover that I could ride. Further after my "test" drive, I came back to take the picture at left, and then went out again with some friends while wearing the belt under my spandex riding shorts. I was concerned that my "panty line" would draw some comment. Fortunately, nobody mentioned it out loud. The only comment was made that I was pedaling funny, since I had to ride with one leg sort of away from the bike - I told them I had a sore leg and I was favoring it.

A total of about 2.5 hours of riding for the evening, and then out for dinner afterwards. When I got home later and took my shower, I took it off to clean myself (sweaty business that cycling), and noticed there was some unpleasant residual odor from urination that did not completely drain out of the cup, and that the padding was coming unglued where it was abutting the edge of the "cup".

As soon as It came off, I developed this maddening itch that lasted most of the night - The sweat behind the foam padding seems to have caused an allergic reaction of some sort and I was afraid I would scratch myself raw! I gave myself a good coating of Vaseline, and am now back in my Goethals belt.

Total time in your creation - about 14 hours. The cup about the genitals is a good idea. If I were to ask for greater improvement, it would need to have greater air circulation, and a more conforming (fitted) area for the penis. One of the things that may have contributed to the itching problem is pissing on your testicles - urine is directed away from them in the Goethals and some of the German designs. Better drainage, and more direction (perhaps like the KONKA) would help to eliminate that problem.

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