Update to Ginny's CBelt Report

Submitted by: Ginny

Hi Altairboy,

Ginny here again. It has only been a few days since I wrote last but there have been some major changes in my chastity belt and to my life in it. I thought you and the others visiting your website may be interested.

I let my wife, the keeper of my keys, read the letter I sent to you and that may have been a mistake. After reading it, she looked at me with a funny expression and said "You're really comfortable in there, aren't you?" I admitted to her that I was and we discussed my feelings about my forced chastity and how much I love it and the feeling of being locked in my belt. She told me that was fine with her, but she didn't like my being able to touch my balls and that she wanted me to add a ball cover or shield to the belt.

I had considered that possibility when I originally built the belt and had worked out the design and made a mold to form the shield and rigid rear piece that would attach to the hip belt in back. It would attach to the groin plate with 3 screws (behind the locking flap of course). I hadn't made it originally because I thought it would be to confining and uncomfortable. She told me to get to work and make the new addition to my belt. By the time she got home from work the next day I had it completed and was ready for add it to my belt and try it on. She unlocked me and supervised me the entire time I out of my belt.

My planning had gone well and it fit perfectly when I put the belt back on. However, I had been right. It was far less comfortable and MUCH more confining. I have now been wearing it continuously for four days with the new addition and I am getting a little more comfortable in it but it is no less confining. I was so comfortable in it the old way but my wife (Mistress?) says that my comfort isn't really a big priority. She also has decided that chaffing isn't going to be a problem and has stopped removing my belt for bathing. I now wear it continuously and shower with it on. Of course I can't wear the suspensory under it but with the new piece holding my balls in it's rigid embrace I don't really need it.

I have had the belt off once in the last four days. My wife, no I'll tell it like it is, My Mistress had another addition she ordered me to add to my belt. We have two devices, a Tens unit and a Relaxicizer that we have used for several years for a little Electro-stimulation in our game playing. The Tens gives a very pleasant tingling sensation and the Relaxicizer a much stronger pulsing or vibrating effect.

She told me to put contact pads or electrodes in the penis tube for these devices, one at the base of the tube and the other about one inch from the other end, running all the way around the inside circumference of the tube. She told me to run the wires out of the tube and into a locking box that the Tenz unit would fit into, the wire connections were to be inside the box and the box would fasten to the hip belt of my chastity and be covered by the padded girdle I usually wear when in my feminine garb. I was to run another set of wires from the electrodes that would attach to the Relaxicizer unit and these would terminate at a convenient place on the front of my belt. It took me several hours to complete her orders and while I was out of my belt she locked one of the old leather chastity belts on me. I used some very thin conductive rubber for electrodes and glued them in place with 3M #77 Adhesive.

It was physically easy to carry out her orders but not emotionally. My chastity belt was taking on a character I had never intended. She can use it to bring me even more pleasure but I know from experience that the Relaxicizer machine can cause real pain at high power settings, so she can now use my belt to punish me.

I brought the belt back to her and she released me from the leather harness and put my newly electrified belt back around my loins. I was actually trembling, but also as aroused as my penis tube will allow, as she snapped the lock shut. She then hooked up the Tens unit to the electrode wires and when she turned it on a wonderful tingling sensation surged thru my cock. She set it to cycle about 30 seconds on and 2 minutes off, continuously. She ran two extra wires out from the Tens and locked the unit in it's box and clipped it to my hip belt. Then she told to go put on a bra and my breast forms and my padded girdle.

When I returned she attached a small flat electrode to each of the two extra wires and glued one over each of my nipples. The feelings those electrodes on my cock and breasts generate are indescribable. They are still there and the Tens unit is still on, eighteen hours later. I am in a state of constant arousal but of course with my belt on I can't do anything about it. I didn't get any sleep at all last night. Right now I'm sitting here in a pretty flowered skirt and a low cut peasant blouse watching my breasts twitch every time the machine clicks on. I wonder how long I can keep up like this, I hope that she turns it off when she gets home tonight.

Things have not worked out quite like I planned. I don't think I really thought I would be permanently and continuously locked in a chastity belt, my sexual organs and my sex life under the complete control of my wife who has become a Dominant Mistress. I certainly didn't think that the chastity belt I designed would become a tool to deliver pleasure and possibly punishment at her whim.

That old saying is so true, "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it".

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