My new Chastity Belt - by "Ginny"

Submitted by: Ginny

Greeting Altarboy, from a newly "BELTED" man,

I guess I should thank you. If it weren't for your website, I wouldn't be sitting here at the computer locked into a homemade copy of the Goethals Belt. It feels wonderful, but also a little terrifying. I'm locked into an inescapable Chastity Belt (I should know, I made it) with no way to get out until my wife gets home from work with the keys. Even then I seriously doubt if I'll be released from my prison. I shouldn't complain, I've fantasized about being in this situation for years and now my fantasies have become reality. Let me give you a little background.

I am a very happily married, 52 year old, heterosexual cross-dresser. My wife fully accepts my cross-dressing, in fact she enjoys having a girl friend as well as a husband. Bondage has been an intermittent part of our sex life since the beginning of our relationship and we have both enjoyed playing either role, although I have always leaned more toward the submissive myself. Since I retired a few years ago I have been able to dress En-femme most of the time and have taken on a much more feminine role in our marriage. I do all the cooking and housework and in general have become quite the little homemaker.

Our sex-life, mine in particular, has changed immensely. It has become almost lesbian in some ways. We both still enjoy intercourse, but as often as not it is not a part of our love-making. We both experience fantastic orgasms without intercourse and I am able to have multiple orgasms without ejaculation. My wife loves to take control of me and bring me to orgasm after orgasm while I have no control over what my body is doing. We have discussed it and she tells me that now I am experiencing sex as a woman, it's indescribably wonderful and I would never go back.

Back to my chastity belt. I have always been fascinated with chastity belts and dreamed what it would be like to have my genitals locked up and to have them truly belong to my lover. We experimented with some leather belts but they were nothing more than toys, certainly not suitable for anything more than an hour or so during a play session. I have seen photos of several more serious belts in magazines but they were very expensive for something we just wanted to try out plus I have an Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator and I can't were a tight belt around my waist. Then I found your website. I saw the Goethals Belt and several articles about homemade belts and realized I could make a custom belt for myself. I didn't tell my wife what I was doing and proceeded to design and construct the device that is now locked on my body.

Nothing can beat the psychological value of a steel chastity belt. The idea of being locked in steel is unbeatable, but any belt, stainless steel included, can be easily cut through with a die grinder and a cut-off wheel. It's just a matter of having the right tools. That said, I still want a steel belt and will build one when I am certain that I have the design exactly the way I want it. That's important because it looks like I'll be wearing a chastity belt full time from here on. The belt I am wearing now is made of 3/16" thermal forming plastic. The plastic is easy to work with and form and is completely rigid. It is lined with thin orthopedic foam and uses all stainless steel hardware.

Instead of a waist band, my belt has a 1 1/2" band encircling my pelvis about 3" below the waist. It clears my defibrillator and also provides a much firmer and more rigid grasp on the body than a waist belt. The pelvic band allows more freedom of movement and the chastity belt does not move on the body. I feel this is important if the chastity belt is really going to be worn full-time. The penis tube made from a 1-1/4" J-bend capped with a Stainless Steel sink strainer. I put a piece of fiberglass screen in the end to keep from extruding myself through the holes in the strainer when my penis tries to get hard. The tube is much to short to allow much of an erection and the pressure at the end can be pretty severe. Two chains connect the penis tube to the pelvic band and with a pelvic band the chains can be worn much tighter without the problem of creating pressure on the hip bone. A hinged security flap covers the screws that attach the pelvic band to the front piece and the flap is padlocked in place. Once all the adjustments were complete, the screws, except those covered by the security flap, were reinstalled with J-B Weld on the threads, they will never come out again.

The Chastity belt fits perfectly and is relatively comfortable. Every piece was molded to fit me exactly so there are no gaps between me and the belt anywhere. It does not move around on my body at all so there is no chaffing or rubbing. I am wearing a suspensory support (like a jock strap with a hole for the penis) under it so it doesn't pinch my balls. Is it effective? More than I had imagined. The front plate fits my groin so tightly that I can't even work a finger under it much less have any chance of getting my penis out and since it won't move on my body I can't stimulate myself at all.

As I said it is relatively comfortable. Relatively is the key word there. It's much better than the leather devices we tried. It's not at all painful to wear although when I get aroused (and my wife seems to enjoy causing that) the pressure in that tube is tremendous and certainly isn't comfortable. The best way to describe wearing it is that I am always aware of it and the knowledge that I am locked in and have no control over my sexual organs or my sex life plays some interesting games with my mind. As a cross-dresser, it makes me feel more like a woman (the old fashioned idea of a woman) who has no control over her sex life and is a sexual toy at the mercy of her lover. The submissive in me loves that feeling and I am thrilled with the chastity and the feelings it gives me. I am starting to work on the stainless steel version now.

I had intended to work into wearing the belt gradually and then decide if I wanted to try it full-time. That idea didn't work out and the decision about full-time was taken out of my hands. I got it finished about 10:00 AM, nine days ago and immediately put it on. It really felt good and was a real turn-on. I had to take it off several times and make a few minor adjustments but by the time my wife got home from work it I was happy with the fit and it really felt good. I told her that I had made a chastity belt and dropped my pants to show it to her. She seemed very interested and had lots of questions, "Can you take it off without a key?, Does it really work?, What do you plan to do with it?"

I told her that I was thinking of turning over control of my sex life to her and her immediate response was, "Give me the key!" I gave it to her and then she asked, "How do I know you can't get out without the key?" I gave her a screwdriver and told her to try all the screws that weren't covered by the security shield. She tried them all and seemed satisfied. Then she went over and picked up my key ring. She found the extra key to the padlock I had there and without a word took it off the ring and put it on her ring with the one I had just given her. She turned back to me and said "OK, I accept control of you".

This wasn't exactly what I had in mind. What happened to working into it gradually. I tried to explain that to her but all I got was "Either I'm in control or not, which way do you want it? If you're not willing for me to be in complete control, go cut that thing off and throw it away". Needless to say she has the keys and I am locked in my creation, figuratively and literally both. I have now been locked into a Chastity Belt for 9 days. She unlocks me every night for 20 minutes to shower and inspect "HER" cock and balls for any sign of irritation. She supervises me the whole time I am out of the belt and I am not allowed to touch my genitals. She washes them and does the inspection herself. Her touch just about drives me crazy.

We have not made love as such, although she has teased me right to the brink of an orgasm many times and then stopped. I can experience marvelous internal orgasms with my penis only semi-erect. She says I must complete my chastity training before I'm allowed the privilege of an orgasm. She has me give her oral sex every night and it's about to drive me wild. She says that she will let me out of this cage eventually, but only when she desires and only for short periods to service her. And, only after she is certain that I fully understand and accept that she is in total and complete control of all aspects of my sexual life. I built my own prison, locked myself in and gave her the keys. What would I have done if I had known the way she was going to react? Exactly the same thing, only I would have done it years ago. I have never been happier.

Thanks again, I am forever indebted to you,

"Ginny" (My en-femme name)

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