My Chastity Belt Adventures

Submitted by: Bondisan

Hello all,

This may ramble a bit. It is amazing where the extra sexual energy goes.

side view At last word I was saying that my SO seemed serious about keeping me belted. She was true to her word. I have only been allowed out to walk the dogs, go for a Sunday ride on my motorbike, and attend a wedding with her. She was nervous about others hearing the chains rattle at the wedding and she wanted me to wear my kilt which can get blown up around your waist on a windy day (the last Scottish Highland Games we went to I went regimental, i.e. nothing on under the kilt, and it did get blown up around my waist showing off me bonny bum). I refused to walk the dogs because of chafing and she is happy I have been exercising lately (I have lost 4" off my waist and 20 lbs, 9.9 kgms, by walking the dogs 2 miles a day) so off came the belt for the walk.

Both of these activities she accompanied me in but it wasn't like I would have an opportunity to cheat while doing either of these. I requested that she take it off for my Sunday motorbike ride because it is not too hard to imagine one's little friend getting severed if there was an accident. I have never had a serious accident (OK, I have dropped bikes a few times but every time it was at a walking pace) but you never know -- better safe than sorry.

I know that the time I have spent secured is nil relative to some of the folks on this list, however, I am used to getting off several times a day and the last few days have, therefore, been rather intense. I got some relief today (Sunday) but have since been secured and informed that it will be minimum 48 hours before the belt is removed. Two days doesn't seem like all that long but for a newbie it seems as if it is forever. My SO is aware of the games that Mr. and Mrs Bard play and frankly I am a bit concerned that I will be choosing cards and/or rolling dice before too much longer.

I have a much greater appreciation now for what is required for being belted 24/7. My SO and I have come a long way in the past 5 days. I am now to be belted virtually continuously except for relief a couple of times a week. This is a huge cut back in what I have been used to. I have modified the cb I wear to make it more comfy for long term wear. I can now exercise myself and the dogs while belted. I am also wearing it to the office.

These changes come about because I could restrain myself without the help of the cb. I was not supposed to reach orgasm without permission and I couldn't help but satisfy what, I thought at the time, was an uncontrollable desire. Because of this transgression, I forfeited the evening out I was supposed to have last night and will not be released at all for a yet to be announced period of time. (I think she will let me out for my traditional Sunday motorcycle ride.)

It is amazing how much longer it takes to dry off after a shower. I am glad that I had read about using a hair dryer to dry the neoprene. I also now take a water bottle and a towel to the bathroom to irrigate the area directly below the cock tube after I pee. I have found that baby powder is indispensable to stay dry under the belt.

I actually forgot it was on for about 20 minutes yesterday while I was working on a chainsaw in my shop. I don't sleep as much the last few days as I am used to.

One major plus of being belted is that the sexual tension that had been building between my SO and I has dissipated.


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