Plastic and Nylon Chastity Belt

Submitted by: MT

Altairboy wrote:

> Your description of the molded chastity device was very
> interesting. I've often wondered about making a mold
> of myself, but the act of making the mold (plaster
> perhaps?) has an inherent problem. I would become
> aroused by the process and that would spoil the desired
> end product. I would want the device to prevent achieving
> an erection!!

Here is a short update on my chastity belt:

I gave up on the idea of making a two piece "clamshell" since there were too many pinch points... I was trying to get away from having to wear belts to hold it in place. However I've given up, and my current design is a one piece plastic mold.

From about 3 inches below my navel to my perineum, I am totally encased in 1/4 inch clear plastic, and have been for three days. The device is held in place with 1 inch nylon webbing around my waist and over my ass. As the webbing is marked, it would be noticeable if I cut it and replaced the straps. It is secure to the extent that any way I can think of to remove it, would cause noticeable damage, which is enough for us.

As far as making the mold, I used casting material. A roll of 4 inch wide plaster, used to make casts for broken limbs. I found the technical details of how to apply the cold wet material, so that it would fall into place correctly to be quite sufficient to prevent my arousal, but then, I make molds, and I can obsess over these type of details. I was not completely flaccid when I made the mold, which helps in putting it on. I have about 3.5 inches of length for my penis, which is about 50 to 60 percent of my erect size.

Since My Lady does remove it every morning for me to shower, it helps that I don't have to be shriveled to put it on. This design has an extremely low profile, I don't worry about which pants I'm going to wear at all. In tight jeans under close scrutiny by us, the only odd bulge was the lock which rests just above my penis. We are looking for a small slim lock that works, not those little luggage locks that even I can pick. It works very well, erections seem to be stopped at the base of my penis, the head is never engorged.

I think we are happy with it - I have been told that I am "married" to it for another week, perhaps a small thing by your standards, but pretty pleasing to a middle aged, middle class "average" man. :)

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