Andy's CBelt Adventure - Continues

Submitted by: Andy

Hi There,

I know it's been a while, but I've been very busy with my wedding plans and getting ready for the honeymoon.

My fiancee presented me with a contract last week which has to do with my (or should I say her) chastity belt. She wants me locked up until our wedding. She drew up the contract, including exact times for cleaning and servicing, and made me sign it.

I have been in the belt for a week now with no problems. I discovered that wearing a rubber with the tip cut off greatly reduces friction and pads the belt to the point of great comfort. She has informed me that after our honeymoon, the belt goes back on for at least a month. She is really getting into this. (yikes!)

Our wedding is in 4 weeks, and I look forward to seeing my member again. (during the cleanings now I am blindfolded with my hands chained over my head). She has added a metal nameplate onto my belt with the inscription "Property of Joanna". It is very stimulating to look at and to think about, just frustrating..

More Later..


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