My home built chastity belt

Submitted by: Anonymous

Here is a description of my belt. It is a combination of several designs I have seen on the net. This is a bit more secure than some of the others I have seen.

The waist band is made of 1 inch wide galvanized steel band, carefully measured to sit just below my waist, and above the buttocks. This would not work for a leather or cloth belt, but with a rigid band of metal, it is not possible to manipulate this to slip over the buttocks. The waistband is lined with a dense foam padding.

The band has no hinge, but closes in back with a modified hasp and padlock. The front of the band has a hinged piece of metal that connects to a Bike Adult cup. Inside the cup is the J trap 1 1/2 in PVC others have been using. The PVC is riveted to the cup, and the penis is inserted by first threading a nylon through the bottom hole in the Cup, through the PVC, and then over the glans of the penis. When the belt is pulled up, the nylon is pulled through the hole, guiding the penis tightly into the PVC.

For added comfort, sometimes I first roll a condom over the penis, then insert it into the nylon. Once guided through, the condom exits the hole. Cutting off the end of the condom allows urination, without a messy cup. The bottom of the cup is connected to hardened chains that are similar in design to the Jones concept. When locked in place, it is impossible to get any stimulation to get close to a orgasm. For me the 1 1/2 in tube is a bit tight, and I have to be careful when urinating. This could be a problem for others, and MAY RISK physical harm to the wearer.

When there is a chance that I will be wearing the belt for more than a day, I remove the tube, so as to not risk damage to a prized area of my body! Without the tube, masturbation is possible, but very uncomfortable.

The weak link is the Bike Cup, but even if I cheated and cut this off, there is no way to get free of the Steel Band, and no way to hide that I had tampered with the belt. All rivets are inserted from the inside out. If cut off, they would be impossible to replace while wearing the rest of the belt.

As soon as I can get pictures of this thing, without getting arrested in the conservative state I live in, I will forward them to you.

Thanks again for your Web Page.

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