Andy's Adventure continues - Home made CBelt

Submitted by: Andy

Hi Altairboy:

I wrote you a while back and told you about a belt I made under my mistresses direction. I sent you a scan of it and you put it on your page. I am now sending you images of me wearing the belt (which I wear on a regular basis). You may post them if you like.

Front view Rear view

I made some changes to the design for more practicality. I removed the rear piece and replaced it with a single rigid rod. This rod can easily be pulled to the side to allow for bodily functions, but it makes the belt easier to wear for long terms without chafing.

The penis tube remained the same. The only other change is that she had me remove some more of the padding around the chain so she could pull it tighter. She thought it was too loose and I might be able to slide it off. I may have been able to, but definately not now.

My position seems to have changed. My fiancee and I switched D/s rolls until about a month and a half ago, when she told me that she had decided to stay in the dominant role. It sounded good to me, but I am not so sure any more. :)

She caught me playing with myself one morning, and the belt came out of the closet and went on right away. It stayed on until that night, when she took it off and we had fantastic sex. I was free for a couple of days, and then she caught me again. She was "upset", and I got a 3 day lesson. After those 3 days, she took the belt off and we had really great sex. Usually, we cuddle up together and fall asleep after sex, but that night, right after sex, she got up and washed me off with a washcloth. I thought she wanted round two, but I was wrong. The belt was locked on again and she came back to bed. I asked her how long she planned on keeping me locked up this time, and she said "oh my love, it's forever".

She has ordered a belt from Walter Goethals for me which will be for permanent wear. Our wedding is in late June, and she told me that as of the end of May, I will not be let out until our wedding night. The last time I wrote you, you told me of your 43 day endurance record in your belt. My fiancee has sworn to break that. Thanks a lot!

Of late, she has been leaving the key to my belt at her office, thus insuring that I can not sway her into letting me out. She has applied for a safe deposit box at our bank, which she tells me that the key will live there as soon as she gets it. That is a scary thought for me. With the key here or at her office, I feel that I have a chance of getting her to let me out. With the key secured in a safe deposit box, I know I am in this thing until the bank opens.

So, it's another Friday night now. She is asleep and I am awake, and frustrated as hell. She is really loving this (I will admit, I like it also).

More later....


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