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Hello Altairboy

At last I have gotten around to processing the film and scanning the photos I hope you find them interesting enough to put on your Web page.

side view end view

This is the second KTB I have made the first was ok but with just a single line of teeth in the center of the KTB and I found it did not sit on the penis properly it had a rocking motion so I made this one with a double row of teeth.

The bracelet is 1" wide, 5" long before shaping and it is made out of aluminum after cutting the aluminum to size I then cut the rubber strip out of a piece of car innertube and put the staples in every 3/8" 13 staples x 2 =26 in all 10 mm in length , for the padlock I bought a pack of wire rope grips from B&Q cut one in half filed one side so it would fit flat against the main body of the KTB I drilled the aluminum strip at the ends and the 2 halves of the rope grip and fixed them with self tapping screws when fixed I filed the heads off I then shaped the bracelet with the help of a socket fixed in the vice. I glued in the rubber insert using a Bostik glue gun.

I have worn the KTB for 2 Days and over night after a while I did not even know I had it on but I must say that the first hour I did suffer and every time I had sexual thoughts the teeth BIT and my erection soon went. The measurement between the ends of the teeth when the bracelet is closed is 7/8" not a lot of room for even a slight erection.

It was curiosity that made me experiment with the KTB and if somebody wants to control another's sex drive or sex life the KTB will certainly do the job I will send you a photograph with the KTB locked on in the near future.

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